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Posted in Artists, Interviews    //    Post Date - March 23, 2017

Mike G – the Ambient Music Guide By Baz Bardoe It started with the dream of publishing a book that would document the ambient music genre. And whilst this got very close to fruition at one point, it seems that publishers perhaps don’t see huge dollar signs when it comes…

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Australian metal community comes together to assist Kai Goddard

One of the finest attributes of the Australian spirit is Mateship. Helping your mates without question and without expectation. The Australian heavy metal scene is no exception with mateship deeply entrenched within. It’s this mateship and support that has lead to many of the country’s leading heavy bands to rally around young Kai Goddard, the son of Sydney rock photographer Mick Goddard.

Kai was born on May 27, 2008 with the odds stacked against him. It was discovered during a difficult pregnancy that he had ‘tetralogy of fallot’ essentially, a hole in his heart. His liver was also outside of his body. Kai’s condition was so high risk that his parents Mick and Lisa were advised to terminate him. He had a 1 in 4 chance of making it.

Immediately after Kai was born, several surgeries were performed to put his liver back and repair his heart. Complications were inevitable and Kai suffered a collapsed lung, his liver dislodged and moved into his chest cavity, and the doctors found his appendix in his scrotum. Kai had 4 surgeries in his first 4 months of life and spent his first 80 days in the hospital.

During operation number 5, Kai suffered a major heart attack which required him to go on an ECMO machine which pumped his blood for him.  He stayed on it for 11 days. Usually after 2 days, you don’t come off it alive and the Doctors told Mick and Lisa to be prepared to say goodbye. Ultimately Kai’s spirit and will to survive got him (and his parents) through one of the toughest ordeals possible.

For a very in depth article of Kai’s earliest days on this planet please read Mick’s story at
Miracle Babies

While surviving his first year with more battle scars than most people collect over a lifetime, Kai still requires constant medical care and attention. As he approaches his 9th birthday, Kai continues to undergo operations and suffers from myriad health problems.

This is where the metal community steps in. Mick along with one of the nation’s greatest ever guitar players, Stu Marshall (ex Dungeon, Death Dealer, Empires Of Eden)  have assembled a fundraiser CD to assist in covering the immense medical costs facing Kai and his family. All tracks have been graciously donated by the bands and the artwork & layout has been donated by All Things Rotten

page 1 front coverThe CD is called Kingdom Of Kai and features top Australian metal acts including
Vanishing Point
Silent Knight
and many more

A devoted metal fan and keen drummer, Kai is an ambassador for Aussie metal and his Dad takes a mean gig photo too!

Kingdom Of Kai is $15 plus postage and ALL profits will go straight to the Goddard family.
You can pick up a copy from

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Posted in Sydney Drum Show News    //    Post Date - March 22, 2017

Respected Melbourne-based drummer Gerry Pantazis presents a series of lessons on basic drum rudiments. This time it’s the double stroke roll. Gerry has performed and/or recorded with artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Larry Carlton, Guy Sebastian, Anthony Callea, David Campbell, Olivia Newton John, Stylus, The Seekers, Roachford (UK) and more He…

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Margaret Glaspy was recently in Australia, impressing audiences while playing tracks from her fab debut album ‘Emotions and Math‘.  Australian Musician ran 6 Quix by the talented New York based singer songwriter.

Here’s a link to the full interview we did with Margaret

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Steve Hackett
, as the powerhouse guitarist for Genesis, inarguably one of the most important progressive rock bands ever, has been a guiding influence for musicians and guitarists for over 40 years and finally he comes to Australia, playing classic Genesis tunes from that band’s golden era.

Steve has released more than 30 solo albums as well as the seven albums he recorded with Genesis.  In 2010, Steve was inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame.  As lead guitarist with Genesis he was part of the classic Peter Gabriel era line up which produced acclaimed albums such as The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Foxtrot and Selling England by the Pound (a favourite of John Lennon). Steve’s compositional prowess and extraordinary versatility in both his electric & acoustic guitar playing, is influenced by Rock, Jazz, World Music and Blues. With Genesis, Steve’s guitar playing produced some of their most memorable moments, from the sensitivity of his acoustic sound on Horizons and Blood on the Rooftops to the dramatic rock guitar solos of Firth of Fifth and Fountain of Salmacis.

Genesis, only ever made it to Australia once, in 1986 – years after Steve and singer Peter Gabriel left the band, so Steve is making it up to fans by bringing some Genesis magic to our shores. Genesis classics ‘’Dance On A Volcano’’ and ‘’Eleventh Earl Of Mar’’ have never been performed here, and Steve’ s incendiary guitar work on a magnum opus such as ‘’Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’’ will have jaws dropping.

In this special Australian only show, Steve will also perform a couple of songs from his forthcoming album, The Night Siren before whetting the appetite for a grand finale that will leave fans ecstatic.

‘’I’ll be playing there for the first time and I’m hugely looking forward to it! It’ll be great to meet fans and friends, and I know it’s an incredibly beautiful country. I’m bringing a special set, including big favourites like ‘’Supper’s Ready’’, ‘’The Musical Box’’ and ‘’Firth of Fifth’’ amongst many other stellar Genesis numbers and some solo. I can’t wait!’’
— Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett: Tour Dates:

Friday 28th July – AUCKLAND, Town Hall (Genesis Revisited extended show)
Wednesday 2nd August – BRISBANE, Tivoli (Genesis Revisited extended show)
Friday 4th August – SYDNEY, Enmore (Genesis Revisited extended show)
Saturday 5th August – MELBOURNE, Palais (Genesis Revisited extended show)

Pre-sale: Wednesday 28th March, 10am – 6pm Local Time
General Public On sale: Thursday 29th March 10am Local Time
Ticket info here

Steve Hackett A3_LR

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Mark Seymour & The Undertow will release a new album, ‘Roll Back The Stone’ on March 24, 2017. Recorded live at Melbourne’s Bakehouse Studios, it features 24 tracks from Mark’s back catalogue spanning the years 1985-2017, including some classic Hunters and Collectors songs reinterpreted by The Undertow. AM’s Greg Phillips…

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It’s always a good week when members of The Rolling Stones band are in town. Long time Stones’ backing vocalist Bernard Fowler and horn guy (since 1999) Tim Ries, are in Australia under the moniker of The Rolling Stones Project for a 4 state tour beginning with a four night residency at Melbourne jazz club Bird’s Basement.

The Rolling Stones Project is a concept Tim created a decade ago, in which a 6 piece ensemble play jazz-tinged versions of classic Rolling Stones songs. Tim and Bernard have  performed Ries’ multi-genre arrangements of Stones material all over the world and the project has been officially endorsed by Jagger, Richards, Watts and Woods, with all four having made appearances on Tim’s recordings.

Ries’ Rolling Stones Project has released two albums of Stones material, The Rolling Stones Project in 2005 and Stones World in 2008, which featured Latin and African flavoured treatments of Stones songs such as Brown Sugar, Fool To Cry, Miss You and Hey Negrita to name a few.

Standby for an Australian Musician interview with Bernard and Tim later this week

The Rolling Stones Project kick off their Australian tour at Birds Basement this Wednesday night:
22-25 March, Bird’s Basement, Melbourne

28 March, Lizottes, Newcastle
29 March, The Basement, Sydney (2 shows)
2 April, Ellington Jazz Club, Perth
8 April, Brisbane River Jazz Festival

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Posted in SDS Performer Profile    //    Post Date - March 19, 2017

Peter Drummond is one of Australia’s most phenomenal drummers. His relentless pursuit of technical mastery, and his deep-rooted musicality have captured the attention of many of the world’s great drumming artists including: Virgil Donati, Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang and Mike Mangini. His reputation as a producer, composer and teacher is…

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Since 1997 Taikoz has developed an international reputation for vibrant performances that couple explosive energy and extreme dynamism with refinement and grace. From the most delicate melodies of the shakuhachi to the thunderous impact of the odaiko, Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic.

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Synergy Percussion is an amazing 3 piece sonic art collective. It is percussion at its core but if you dig deeper, you’ll find it is human, stone, wood, steel, air, and skin, all coming together, all being reassembled, re-appropriated, re-interpreted, re-contextualised. Synergy’s expansive vision of percussion has allowed the group…

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