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Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, 21-time Grammy Award winner and recipient of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Sir Paul McCartney will bring his acclaimed long-running One On One Tour to Australia and New Zealand this December.

In a first for both Paul McCartney and Frontier Touring, the announcement was made in a Facebook Live event this evening where McCartney went ‘One On One’ with Australia’s own Tim Minchin to reveal all the finer details of the upcoming tour.

Performing in stadiums and arenas in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, this will be McCartney’s first Australian and New Zealand tour since 1993’s The New World Tour more than 24 years ago.

Paul McCartney said of the announcement;
“We’ve been waiting to get back to Australia and New Zealand for years and now it’s finally happening.  It is very exciting.  I’m really looking forward to the concerts as we’ve always had such a brilliant time whenever we’ve been before so we know we are in for a treat.  Can’t wait to see you and all rock out together.”

Paul McCartney One On One tour 2016

Paul McCartney One On One tour 2016

The One On One Tour launched in the United States in 2016 and saw McCartney play 41 shows across 12 countries to more than 1.2 million people, winning rave reviews from concertgoers and critics alike:
‘In spite of the size of the venues, McCartney and his music forge a personal connection with each and every one in the audience.’ – PopMatters

‘McCartney creates a joy that is boundless both onstage and off.’ – The Washington Times

‘He’s an artist who defined the past, but he’s also an artist unwilling to let go of the future. Rest assured, we’re all the better for it.’ – Consequence of Sound.

Irrefutably one of the most successful singer-songwriters and performers of all time, McCartney has soundtracked the lives of generations of fans with the most beloved catalogue in popular music.

The One On One Tour celebrates McCartney’s entire career – from his earliest work with The Quarrymen through to his most recent collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna – as well as global treasures from The Beatles, Wings and his solo catalogue – there is no shortage of surprises.

The Paul McCartney live experience is everything any music lover could ever want from a rock show — and so much more: Nearly three hours’ worth of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music, dozens of songs that have formed the soundtracks of our lives.

McCartney and his band have played an unparalleled range of venues and locations: outside the Colosseum in Rome, Moscow’s Red Square, Buckingham Palace, The White House, a free show in Mexico for over 400,000 people, the last ever show at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park where The Beatles played their final concert in 1966, and even one performance broadcast live into Space!

Featuring McCartney’s band of the last 10+ years – Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums) – the show is never anything short of life-changing.

The One On One Tour features a brand new production, as always, utilising state of the art audio and video technology and to ensure an unforgettable experience from every seat in the house. Employing massive screens, lasers, fireworks and, of course, a staggering selection of the best songs ever written or performed, every Paul McCartney show promises a once in a lifetime evening that transcends and elevates the potential of live music.

Make no mistake – McCartney’s One On One Tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Act quickly to secure your tickets!

Thursday 29 June to Friday 30 June
(or ends earlier if pre-sale allocation exhausted)
Pre-sale timings staggered per show, visit website for more details

General public on sale from Tuesday 4 July, see timings below

Sat 2 Dec | nib Stadium, Perth, WA (All Ages)
On sale: Tue 4 Jul (11am Perth local time) | Ph: 136 100

Tue 5 Dec | AAMI Park, Melbourne, VIC (All Ages)
On sale: Tue 4 Jul (12noon AEST) | Ph: 132 849

Sat 9 Dec | Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, QLD (All Ages)
On sale: Tue 4 Jul (2pm AEST) | Ph: 132 849

Mon 11 Dec | Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW (All Ages)
On sale: Tue 4 Jul (5pm AEST) | Ph: 132 849

Sat 16 Dec | Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ (All Ages)
On sale: Tue 4 Jul (1pm NZST) | Ph: 0800 111 999

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The Winter Gypsy June 2017The Winter Gypsy have just released a new single Bojke (prounouced ‘boy-ke’), a wistful and perceptive ode to a beloved family dog.  Stream: BOJKE  The song is accompanied by a thoughtful, haunting clip featuring two masked friends, produced in collaboration with Gerard Wood from New Era Media (Timberwolf). See clip below

Bojke is the perfect follow up to the band’s debut EP Page I.  Considered, intricate and unassumingly memorable, Bojke sweeps broadly, swells and disappears into the ether, gently lulling the listener back down to earth.  Evocative of Fleet Foxes and The Paper Kites, this is indie folk done right; soaking guitars, gentle drums and humble harmony surround the lead vocal as it floats assuredly above it all.  Reflecting on the track, lead vocalist Tushar Singh says, “The title is an ode to our bassist and his brother’s dog who passed away this year; her name was Bojke.  At the time, I had written out these lyrics in a narrative sense, not necessarily written about anyone in particular.  The song had absolutely no relation to me, but I could feel that it could relate to someone else.  A few weeks after I wrote the song, Bojke had passed away.  I instantly linked Bojke to the lyrics in this song and it was strange but so fitting as to how much these lyrics I had written weeks in advance had related to the incident.  I asked the two brothers if I could name the song after her, and they said yes.”

In support of the new single, they’ve also got some dates around the country.
Remaining dates include:

Tickets from

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Vince Jones and Orquestra do Brasil. Melbourne Recital Hall. Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Saturday June 10, 2017.

Review by Greg Phillips

The impeccable quality of sound which the Melbourne Recital Hall offers can be both a blessing and a curse for both the audience and performers and to be blunt, not every musical enterprise is suited to the venue. While as a concept, Vince Jones‘ tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, From Ipanema to the World on Saturday night had the earmarks of a great show, I’m not so sure that the Recital Centre was the right space to deliver it. The credentials of the musicians Jones had gathered for the evening, the Orquestra do Brasil could not be questioned and Jones is undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest vocal stylists. Jobim’s classic melodies are wonderful too but if there is no Latin pulse beneath the music propelling it along, then there’s a danger of it coming across as elevator soundtrack, especially at a venue which highlights the negatives as much as the positives and unfortunately, for much of the evening that’s what occurred. Brazilian born bass player Jorge Alberqueque has Jobim in his DNA but could barely be heard in the mix. Likewise, Jones’ vocal was blended much too uniformly into the band sound and should have been showcased. The result was pleasant rather than inspiring as it could have been if as much emphasis had been placed on the percussive elements as the melodic. The band seemed a little rusty as well, taking a few songs to get in total synch with each other. It wasn’t until the band vacated the stage, leaving Jones alone with pianist Matt McMahon in a gorgeous rendition of Dindi, that the full affect of Jones voice, Jobim’s classic material and the hall’s acoustics, combined to convey some magic. However, the show was far from being a train wreck, there were moments when the integration of Gideon Brazil’s flute and Alistair Parsons’ trombone provided a joyous representation of an authentic Latin sound and bandleader Doug DeVries often supplied the most sublime of Spanish guitar solos. Yet somehow as a whole, it lacked the spark required to lift the performance to the level of memorable. In my opinion, a smaller, less revealing venue may have been a better consideration for this kind of material but to be fair, there seemed to be as many people in the room who greatly appreciated their 90 minute jazz festival experience, as those who like me, found it merely pleasant.

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belewMelbourne will be in the presence of guitar royalty next week when musician extraordinaire Adrian Belew plays an up close and personal week long residency at jazz club Bird’s Basement.

Discovered by Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and guitar guru. Belew has released 20 critically acclaimed solo records and was the frontman, singer, co-writer and guitarist for progressive rock powerhouse King Crimson for 30 years.

He also played alongside musicians such as David Bowie, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads. Known for his inventive guitar sounds. Australian Musician was priveleged to see Belew play earlier this year as part of the wonderful Celebrating Bowie gigs, in which former members of Bowies band performed along with guest singers.

Belew also has begun mixing his unique sound, complex time signatures, witty lyrics, wild sound and technical mastery into his newest app creations, FLUX:FX and FLUX by belew. Flux is is a bank of music and sounds that play randomly based on a set of algorithms. FLUX is an evolutionary musical concept that will never repeat itself. It is now an app that you can download onto your iPhone.

Belew’s latest performing project is the exciting Adrian Belew Power trio featuring bassist Julie Slick and drummer Tobias Ralph, who are playing at Melbourne’s Bird’s Basement from June 13 -18. Catch the innovative guitar virtuoso while you can Book here

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American four piece rockers The Dives have unearthed a swaggering, punchy style of rock that other New York bands seemed to have mislaid quite some time ago. With the release of their debut EP titled Everybody’s Talkin’, featuring four contagiously rockin’ tunes The Dives possess an attitude and buzz reminiscent of when The Strokes first hit the headlines. An added item of interest is the fact that guitarist and lead singer Evan Stanley is the son of Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, not that The Dives’ songs sound anything like that of dad’s epic, pyrotechnic outfit. They’re closer to CBGB’s than Yankee Stadium.

Featuring tight harmonies and infectious hooks, THE DIVES’ music sounds fresh and familiar at the same time.  When explaining how the band was formed, they all vehemently agree that they got together with the common goal of making the kind of music they wish they heard more.

Based in NYC and a brand new band by any standards, THE DIVES wasted no time writing original material, rehearsing and leaping onto the club circuit.  When asked to describe their sound, Evan Stanley, lead guitarist and vocalist, immediately answered, “We’re a Rock & Roll band.”  Sergio Ortega, bass and vocals, explains, “It’s a rock band playing catchy songs.  Big hooks, but rattier than Top 40.”  THE DIVES musical influences are similar enough to create a cohesive sound with memorable hooks, yet diverse enough to infuse their music with the excitement of very modern flavours.

The band is comprised of guitarist and lead singer Evan Stanley, guitarist and lead singer Mike Lefton, bassist and singer Sergio Ortega and drummer and singer Jimmy Meier.  Developing a passionate interest in music as children, all four have been mastering their instruments from an early age.  When Stanley moved to NYC to attend college at NYU / Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he was determined to start a band.  After a little trial and error, he was introduced to New Jersey native, Mike Lefton.  A brotherhood was formed instantly as the two found musical commonalities beginning with their influences and energetic work ethic.  And the beginnings of a band was formed.  Mike reached out to fellow New Jersey native, Jimmy Meier to give the band a beat.  With a gig booked, they scrambled to find a bass player.  A friend recommended an unlikely fit, Sergio Ortega.  Unlikely because Ortega is also an incredibly talented musician better known for guitar, banjo and mandolin and has toured the world as guitarist and musical director for Broadway phenomenon, Ramin Karimloo.  The group asked Sergio to sit in for that show and never let him leave.  It’s the kind of band fans dream about – THE DIVES don’t just spend time together for rehearsals and performances, they are brothers brought together by a common goal, shared passions and a twisted sense of humour.

2017 is already a very exciting year for THE DIVES.  With the release of their debut EP, Everybody’s Talkin’, a UK tour that afforded them the opportunity to play to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands, the band is performing throughout the summer and heading out for a national tour in August.  Be sure to follow them on all social platforms for daily updates and be sure to catch a show near you!

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DV Mark officially launched the Gambale Sweep Masters Competition today. This contest invites guitarists from all over the world to submit a video of them playing over one of Frank Gambale’s backing tracks. Frank will pick the winner, who will win a full DV Mark Frank Gambale amp rig: Multiamp FG, FG212V cab, Multiamp Midi Pedalboard and Multiamp Bag.

Contest info and rules are on

The last day to submit videos will be July 7th

Fire up those Gambale Sweep Picking chops now for your chance to win this incredible competition, the GAMBALE SWEEP MASTERS COMPETITION hosted by DV Mark! For inspiration, watch Frank’s own performance of “My Little Viper” on Frank’s YouTube Channel “FGTV” here.

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Donny McCaslin Group
The Toff in Town, Melbourne

Melbourne International Jazz Festival
by Greg Phillips

donnyCelebrating its 20th year, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival has always worked hard to deliver a diverse range of artists, from genuine legends of the genre to cutting edge musicians who question boundaries, to all points in between.

At the Toff In Town tonight,  New York based tenor saxophonist/band leader Donny McCaslin and his group signal their intentions right from the beginning. Kicking off with Shake Loose, the opening track off Donny’s new album Beyond Now,  keyboard player Jason Linder tests our comfort levels as he thrusts upon us crude growls and howls from his synth palette, while partner in crime McCaslin eagerly adds fuel to the fire stabbing at and squealing from his sax, building, escalating to who knows where. Yet just as feelings of unease begin to permeate your soul, McCaslin releases an opulent, extended note in a key of reassurance that resolves the aural storm we’ve just experienced, making sense of it all and placing the piece as a whole into context. The audience is on edge, the band is firing and we’ve been put on notice. It’s going to be a wild ride. This is the new breed of jazz. Much like contemporaries such as Bad Bad Not Good and Kamasi Washington, these musicians are proving the point that you can never run out of new musical ideas.

Had the Donny McCaslin Group not been brought to our attention as the exhilarating backing band to David Bowie’s final album Blackstar, would there have been the same excitement and anticipation which has generated packed houses to each of the four Melbourne International Jazz Festival appearances at The Toff in Town? Maybe not, but it’s merely time which would have stood between the same recognition here anyway. After all, McCaslin has recorded a dozen acclaimed albums, been nominated for 3 Grammys and collaborated with Lang Xang, Maria Schneider and John Medeski among many others. Talent this invigorating can only hide from discerning Australian music fans for so long.

The band ebb and flow from moments of sheer beauty to stanzas of brazen, punk-like resonance, adding multiple sonic textures, always contributing to a bigger picture, making it impossible not to be a participant in their journey. Zach Danziger adds much to the grandeur of this collective with a rock approach to his kit, as Jonathan Maron on bass is constantly surveying the situation, delivering exactly what the moment requires, every time.

While the Donny McCaslin Group will continue to dazzle on the international jazz stage in their own right, they will forever be reminded of their place in contemporary music history as David Bowie’s final backing band. When the moment arrives that they play Lazarus from the rock icon’s last album, a sense of reverence overwhelms the room, this is the real deal, this is the sound of Blackstar.

A further nod to the man is revealed with their performance of Warszawa from Bowie’s Low album, a track which can also be found on McCaslin’s new record Beyond Now. With seventy five minutes down, the Donny McCaslin Group finish in the manner in which they began, with a crescendo of beautifully strange, enchanting and challenging rhythms, leaving us mere music fans to evaluate and understand why this was one of the most fascinating performances we’ve seen for some time.

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Playing It Forward tour page


Further to our news yesterday on Stuart Fraser’s illness, Support Act has organised industry mates John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks and Diesel to band together for one night only with the Playing It Forward benefit concert at Hisense Arena on June 28. Well-known Australian guitarist Stuart (Chet) Fraser – a founding member of Noiseworks, long-term player in John Farnham’s band, and occasional guitarist in the Barnes Band – was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Overwhelmed by the massive support he has already received from industry alumnae, Support Act set-up a Help A Mate fundraising page for the renowned guitarist, giving his family peace of mind so they could focus on what he needed medically.

stufraserSupported by long-time friend Olivia Newton-John, who Chet has performed regularly with in the past, he underwent surgery and treatment at the ONJ Wellness Centre. His friends are now banding together for a special fundraising concert – Playing It Forward – to raise continued proceeds for Chet’s Help A Mate appeal, as well as donating much-needed funds to Olivia Newtown John’s Wellness Centre, and Support Act. With the help of John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes and Noiseworks, with special guests this one-off show is sure to be a night to remember.

“I’ve played with Stuart since he was very young,” says Jimmy Barnes. “He’s one of the nicest people I know and one of the best guitar players in the business, it’s so great to see so many people in the music industry rally together for such a good human being.”

John Farnham certainly needs no introduction to fans. His music is part of the Australian psyche. Revered as one of the best male vocalists – both by fans and fellow musicians – he has had an incredibly versatile career spanning from his debut in 1967 through to today. He won the hearts of Australia and became one of the country’s favourite sons with an incredible string of smash hit albums. With hit songs such as ‘You’re The Voice’, ‘Pressure Down’, ‘Reasons’, ‘Touch of Paradise’, ‘Age of Reason’, ‘Two Strong Hearts’, ‘Burn For You’, ‘Chain Reaction’, ‘Talk of the Town’, ‘Angels’, ‘Have A Little Faith (In Us)’ and ‘That’s Freedom’ to name a few, he is ‘the voice’ of Australian music. He also released some incredible renditions of songs he made his own, such as ‘When The War Is Over’ and ‘One’. Since the 1980s, he has been selling out stadiums, always incredibly in demand for his live shows.

Jimmy Barnes is the working class man of Australian rock! As a legend both from his time fronting Cold Chisel and his top charting solo career, Barnes has toured the breadth of Australia. He has an enviable back catalogue that makes for incredible live performances with songs like ‘Working Class Man’, ‘When Your Love Is Gone’ and ‘No Second Prize’ to name a few. He has an enviable solo career that spans more than 30 years, a swag of Top 40 albums, and smash hit #1 charting singles under his belt and has been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame twice – once with Chisel and once as a solo performance. There is little Jimmy Barnes can’t do – but one thing he can do better than most is rock!

Noiseworks are Australian rock legends and are well reputed for their incredible live shows. They are adored by music fans and critics alike. The multi-ARIA nominated band features some of the best musicians in the country and have produced a swag of incredible songs, such as ‘Take Me Back’, ‘Love Somebody’, ‘Touch’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Miles and Miles’ and ‘In My Youth’ to name a few. The band sold in excess of 1.2 million albums with 15 hit singles before calling a break in the early 1990s. Fast forward to current day and they are rocking harder than ever
Presented by Frontier Touring & Talentworks

Frontier Members pre-sale via
Tuesday 6 June (2pm AEST
to Wednesday 7 June (2pm AEST)
(or ends earlier if pre-sale allocation exhausted)

General public on sale from 2pm AEST, Friday 9 June

Wed 28 June | Hisense Arena, MELBOURNE VIC | Ph: 13 28 49

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Day 2 of the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show was as lively and inspiring as the opening day. Sydney turned on another gorgeous sunny day which brought the kids out in large numbers. It was all about the next generation today as numerous hands on workshops were presented and enthusiastically attended. DrumFill, Dynasty Drumline, Bek Wermut and Alex West, plus Taikoz all got the audience involved. Inside there was much knowledge and wisdom to be gained with some great sessions by Dave Goodman, Stan Bicknell, Optimum Percussion and Pete Drummond. Pete had the additional pressure of performing in front of yesterday’s headliners, Thomas Lang and Virgil Donati, who came back to visit again. On the main stage Lozz Benson’s band That Redhead put in a fantastic rockabilly performance. Next up Taikoz performed an exhilarating set of exotic percussion. Michael Schack returned to the main stage to take up where he left off yesterday, leaving the audience spellbound with his energy and commitment. Buddy Siolo and his Gang of Brothers then closed the show with their brand of quality funk of soul. On the trade floor, the house was full of drums and all of them were being played .. all at once! By 5pm folks were all drummed out but glad they came, saw, conquered, banged, and beat their way through a great weekend.
















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Posted in Blog, Sydney Drum Show News    //    Post Date - May 27, 2017


The inaugural Sydney Drum & Percussion Show kicked off today at Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion and the NSW drum community welcomed it with open arms. On stage there were heavy hitters, electronic drum aficionados, exotic percussion ensembles and genuine drum legends. Inside the sweet sound of toms, snares and bass drums permeated the air, with a massive range of drums, cymbals, hardware and accessories available to see, try and buy. Vibrantly coloured kits, cajons, congas and all manner of hand percussion was on view. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the show was the amount of kids in the house, wide-eyed and totally inspired by the gear and seeing their drum heroes in action. It was also a delight to witness how kind and generous legends like Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Slim Jim Phantom, and Michael Schack were with their time and energy.

Kicking off their national DW TV Show tour this afternoon, Virgil and Thomas were spellbinding in the way they shared complex rhythms and thunderous beats. If you can catch them elsewhere around the country on this tour, do so! The Schack, the crazy Belgian was incredibly contagious in his enthusiasm and energy. He’s back tomorrow so come on down and check his show out.

During the Australian Musician Pro Players panel, Virgil, Thomas, Slim and Yamaha’s Ben Ellingworth were intriguing with their stories on how they made it in the business and what’s required to get to their level of skill. The guys also didn’t mind revealing the times when things didn’t go so well, such as Slim Jim’s tale of falling off drum stools and Thomas being hit in the head with a beer bottle.

Questions to the panel from the floor were treated with the utmost respect and I get the feeling more than a few kids in the audience had a spark ignited today.

It wasn’t all about the headliners, drum circles were attended enthusiastically and the Sydney Conservatorium Percussion Ensemble was mighty impressive.

If you missed today, don’t even think about missing the Sunday lineup of entertainment, which includes a repeat performance by Michael Schack, Stan Bicknell revealing secrets of his bass drum technique, the incredible Synergy Percussion and Taikoz percussion ensembles, the thrilling Lozz Benson trio (Called That Redhead), and more drum circle opportunities … plus all of that beautiful drum gear to see try and buy. Come on down 10am-5pm tomorrow May 28. TICKETS AT DOOR




















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