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The local music industry gathered last night at the Meat Market in North Melbourne for the 2014 CARLTON DRY INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. Brisbane’s Violent Soho and Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett were multi-award winners, while hip hop act Remi is $50,000 richer thanks to the Carlton Dry Global Music Grant.

megmacThe awards opened with a stunning performance from Meg Mac, whose stage presence was arresting. In fact all of the performers on the night showed why Australian independent music is so alive and well and developing to  such an extraordinary level. Despite initial sound problems, Sheppard nailed their global hit ‘Hey Geronimo’, SAFIA  put in a strong performance and DMA’s were a revelation. The choice of Dylan Lewis as host was perfect. Remi wrapped up the show with an added spring in his step due to the amazing financial windfall he’d learned about only moments earlier. Awarded to emerging independent artists, the prize money must be used exclusively to help tour, showcase, record, or relocate overseas to further their careers.

Other things we learned on the night … Dan Kelly is recording a solo album. The Drones are recording. Cat Empire will begin recording an album in early 2015. Sheppard will make two trips to America before the year’s end and will soon appear on the worldwide TV smash chat show Ellen.



Here’s a complete list of winners for the 2014 CARLTON DRY INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS:

Carlton Dry Global Music Grant Winner – Remi
Best Independent Artist  – Courtney Barnett
Best Independent Album, presented by Rdio – Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost
Breakthrough Independent Artist Of The Year, presented by PPCA – Sheppard
Best Independent Single/EP, presented by Levi’s  – Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener
Best Independent Label  – I OH YOU
Best Independent Hip Hop Album – Remi – Raw x Infinity
Best Independent Country Album – Halfway – Any Old Love
Best Independent Blues And Roots Album – Dan Sultan – Blackbird
Best Independent Hard Rock, Heavy or Punk Album – Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost
Best Independent Jazz Album – Paul Grabowsky Sextet – The Bitter Suite
Best Independent Dance/Electronica or Club Single – Peking Duk – High
Best Independent Dance/Electronica Album – RÜFÜS – Atlas
Best Independent Classical Album  – Gurrumul / Sydney Symphony Orchestra – His Life And Music
For more info on the Awards, Charts and Independent music check out

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mmwMelbourne Music Week (14-23 November) announced its full program today and to celebrate 10 amazing days of music, we bring you 10 good reasons why you should be involved in MMW.

1. New flagship venue. MMW transforms a unique Melbourne location with a custom-designed venue. This year it’s the Queen Victoria Market (QVM). Anything close to those Spanish doughnut vans has got to be a bonus.

2. Free lunch time gigs in the Lunchbox Series of gigs (where you can eat your Spanish doughnuts). Check out Sui et Sul’s Japanese post-punk bossa-nova melange, Amaya Laucirica, Gold Class, Holy Lotus and Peter Bibby.

3. Over 10 days with 110 events featuring 250 contributing artists in 40 locations across the city, made possible with the assistance of more than 60 event partners … gives us an opportunity to quote lots of numbers and sound really impressive!

4. Tangerine Freakin’ Dream!

5. Midnight Juggernauts. Been a while between Spanish doughnuts for these electro-popsters. Catch them at their only show for 2014, where they’ll bring their Sydney Vivid AERIALS vibe to Melbourne. Also features Kirin J Callinan let loose with a microphone in DJ mode, synth outfit Gloss, Lord Fascinator and Pelvis.

6. Face The Music, the annual music industry chat fest. Learn stuff, meet people. Network. Meet people who will tell you stuff. Hear speakers who will tell you to stuff that, do this. Steve Albini will speak. Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese will speak. Listen and learn.

7. Elevator Music! Nervous in elevators? Here’s just what you need .. unannounced guerilla gigs in skyscraper elevators across the city. Add the excitement, sound and colour of The Twoks to your terrifying lift ride!

8. The Age Music Victoria Awards. Sold out unfortunately but worth mentioning this prestigious public-voted music awards night which will induct Daddy Cool into its Hall of Fame. Hosted by Henry Wagons and featuring Russell Morris, Stonefield and a Davey Lane led tribute to Jim Keays.

9. Tram Sessions. Yes folks, it’s going to be difficult not to encounter a music performance going about your daily thing in Melbourne during MMW. There will not only be music in lifts, cafes and proper venues, but also trams. This year it’s the ultimate music party with the credo of, Hunt. Tram.Party. Party hard but ‘conduct yourself’ See what we did there!

10. Venues. Here’s your chance to experience some of the great world class Melbourne music venues and performance spaces such as Cherry Bar, Kelvin Club, Ding Dong Lounge, John Curtin Hotel, 1000 Pound Bend, Fed Square, Hi Fi Bar, 170 Russell, The Toff, and heaps more. Check out the website for the full program of artists and venues

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AKG, one the brands doing great trade-in deals leading up to the Jan1 deadline

Did you know that very soon, the wireless mic device that you are using on stage may not work anymore or that it could even be illegal for you to use it? From January 1st 2015 changes to the Telecommunications Act mean that you will not be able to use a radio mic, instrument transmitter or in-ear monitoring system that operates between 694 and 820Mhz. The spectrum between 694 and 820MHz has been allocated for use by the telecommunications section. It becomes illegal to do so from January 1st and strict penalties can be applied by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) for breaches by wireless audio.

If your wireless gear is quite new and operates between the 520 and 694MHz or 1790 and 1800MHz frequencies, then you don’t have a problem. It’s the 694 and 820Mhz where the problem lies and applies to a lot of old wireless mic systems, particularly some of the more affordable ones from the past. This is an issue which not only effects musicians but also fitness clubs, community clubs, marriage celebrants, and a wide range of people who use wireless audio.

“Many wireless microphone users don’t understand the technical aspects of it so are just ignoring it. They think that the ACMA won’t come knocking on their door so they will just continue to use their non-compliant gear.  They don’t understand that their gear will begin to fail as it’s over-powered by the stronger mobile phone signal.  They have to act now,” says Frank Hinton, Chairman of ACETA (Australian Commercial & Entertainment Technologies Association).

Will Musig  is a Melbourne-based musician and repairer who also installs PA systems. In Will’s musical world, he has come across many friends who weren’t aware of the impending changes.
“I reckon a lot still don’t know and there’s a lot who also don’t give a shit who might get a rude shock,” said Will. “I have played with guys and turned around and looked at their rigs and said mate, you’ve got to change that or you can get fined and half the time they don’t believe me. If you’re using an old system that falls within that 694 and 820 frequency after January 1st, you might be doing a wedding or something like that and you might pick up a conversation through the PA that you really don’t want to hear.”

The good news however, is that many of the wireless audio suppliers are offering deals leading up to the January 1 deadline whereby you can trade in your soon-to-be-non-compliant gear, providing it is still in working order. Audio Products Group, suppliers of the AKG brand are giving great trade-in deals of up to 30% off. National Audio Systems will look after you if you have Chiayo wireless products which need a change-up. So if you have gear which operates in the 694 and 820Mhz spectrum, it’s well worth asking your local retailer if they are doing upgrade deals.

Singer, songwriter Chris Doheny is fortunate with most of his corporate gigs to have his wireless gear supplied, however he does own a personal system which will soon become non-compliant.
“I’ve been aware for some time about the looming frequency changes although it’s still seemed to come up rather quick,” he said. “I’ve got a personal wireless in-ear fold back system, which I may as well chuck out now as that brand to my dismay, are not doing trade in deals. A few of my singer friends have other brands of  wireless mics and they are hoping that those models will be on the special trade in deals list so they can update to compliant equipment.”

Anyone who uses wireless audio devices and is unsure if it will be compliant after January 1st, needs to check their frequencies now. Ensure your existing devices operate between 520 and 694MHz or 1790 and 1800MHz. If your product operates between 694 and 820MHz then you need to decommission these devices and replace them with compliant products to be able to continue to use wireless audio from January 1st ,2015 onwards. Also, be sure to replace your non–compliant devices with products sourced and sold through reputable suppliers who can guarantee that your new products is compliant post January 1st 2015.

Speak to your retailers, wireless audio distributors, visit the Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technologies Association or visit the ACMA wireless mic hub


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Motor City Music Festival’s Hugo Armstrong at the launch

Sometimes affectionately known as Sleepy Hollow, the Victorian town of Geelong is set to rock from March 6-8 next year with a brand new music festival, the Motor City Music Festival. The folks down at Geelong have been copping a bad break of late and are in need of a celebration.

To be held at the Geelong Showgrounds over the long weekend in March, festival organisers made their first line up announcement last night at a function at The Carousel on Eastern Beach. Artists appearing at the festival include The Black Sorrows, Chris Wilson, Eurogliders, Electric Mary, James Blundell, Jimi Hocking, JR Reyne, Jason Singh, Michael Stangel and more.

The Friday and Saturday of the event will be an adults only affair with music pumping out from 5 stages (one open air and 4 undercover). There will be gourmet food vans, lots of well-stocked bars, carnival rides, market stalls and ample free parking. The Sunday has been decreed Family day and will wind up with a huge fireworks display.

You can save heaps on tickets by getting in early too with limited edition 50% off passes but you need to be quick.

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goldenplainsGolden Plains, the ‘other’ annual music festival held at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre is open for business! For those wanting to attend 9th annual Golden Plains, to be held March 7-9, 2015, the ticket ballot is now open
To enter, go to and enter before 9:09pm Monday 13 October 2014.

If you haven’t been to Golden Plains before, the organisers believe it’s an experience you won’t forget.
“One of the best places on Earth to spend A Long Weekend with friends and lovers – and yourself – exploring inner and outer space, The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre has been natured and nurtured on twenty-four years of knuckled-down know-how, for the singular purpose of hosting Something Uniquely Remarkable. For Golden Plains we’ve set the controls for the heart of Premium Mode, with even more Spacious Spacey Space for general cosmic engagement. The Sun arrives eight minutes and twenty seconds after it left and lands like honey on the trees; afternoon goes on all day, and The Big Bang happens both moons,”

“We pride ourselves on Looking After You Brilliantly here from start to finish. Still waters still run deep; the Ninth Life of Golden Plains is the Same Purrrfectly-formed Shape and Size as her forebears; still BYO, no commercial sponsors, the No D!ckhe@ds rule, and a One Stage Policy so you miss nothing and Experience Everything.”

“The Ballot ensures the majority of tickets go to Subscribers, before public sale. There are two rounds  – about October 15 for existing Subs and a week later for newer ones. Ballot-winners are emailed a Golden Code for the Online Box Office and have seven days (or until the ballot allocation of tickets runs out) to purchase up to 3 tickets.”

“The LineUp is nearly ready, will be announced sometime after the full moon.” – Aunty

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The folks at King Sound Studios at  Level 2, 822 George St, Sydney know all too well that independent artists appreciate every little bit of help they can get. To celebrate their new affordable recording packages, King Sound have been doing a little bit extra by running ‘King Hit’, a competition in which artists have the opportunity to win recording sessions and other prizes from sponsors such as Audio Technica and Sailor Jerrys to name just  a couple.

The competition is open to all indie artists. All you need to do is follow the link below and upload one of your demos. The best entries will be posted and the best song will win one of our new recording packages valued at over $500!

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Tommy Emmanuel is currently on tour in America but a couple of weeks ago while in The Netherlands he caught up with Russian born classical guitarist Igor Presnyakov to record a few tunes. Here’s the pair performing a beautiful version of Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears In Heaven’ at the Presnyakov Music Studio in Amsterdam

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ynwieSwedish guitar legend and king of the shred-heads, Yngwie J. Malmsteen has been blowing minds across the globe with his incredible guitar skills and showmanship for over 35 years and in February 2015, Yngwie and his band will be returning to Australia and New Zealand for the first time in a decade.

Malmsteen is venerated as one of the founders of the art of guitar shredding. His neo-classical style and the sheer speed of his playing made him the most notable musician in the genre, and he has influenced a new era of music and guitarists alike.

But Yngwie is not known purely for the speed with which his fingers fly up and down the guitar neck. Yes, Malmsteen’s playing is fast, but there’s a crystal clarity to each of his notes that few can imitate. From his ground breaking early work with Steeler and Alcatraz, through his time alongside Joe Satriani and Steve Vai as a member of G3, to his more recent forays leading the Guitar Gods there are few that can compare to Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

Over more than 25 astounding albums the Grammy nominated Malmsteen has unleashed countless fretboard blistering solos, with both Fender and Marshall honouring him with his own model guitar and amplifier.

Don’t miss your chance to see the Master of the Stratocaster live in person, and for those extra dedicated fans there are VIP tickets available granting access to an exclusive Q&A session, and for a few very lucky fans the extremely rare opportunity to meet Yngwie J. Malmsteen in person.

“Far from just being a high-speed and volume artist, his deep knowledge of music theory differentiates him from other shredders.” – High Octane Music News

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Australia & New Zealand Tour Dates:
February 5th – Powerstation, Auckland, NZ
February 6th – The Metro, Sydney
February 7th – The Forum, Melbourne
February 8th – The Tivoli, Brisbane
February 10th – Hellenic Hall, Hobart
February 11th – HQ, Adelaide
February 12th – The Astor, Perth

General Public onsale date – Thursday 2nd October 12.00 midday AEST

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Now it’s time to vote!
After being inundated with hundreds of submissions from Victorian music artists, Bank of Melbourne has announced the 12 finalists of its community-driven music initiative, Melbourne Music Bank.  The public is now invited to vote for their favourite and narrow the field to four semi-finalists.  The chosen four will perform their song at the Melbourne Recital Centre in front of an expert panel who will determine the 2014 winner of Melbourne Music Bank.

The 12 finalists span genres including folk, pop-rock, hip hop and instrumental: Alex Brittan, Boyeur, Davies West, Heloise, Matt Walters, NY, Richard Cashion, Rick Steward, Selki, The Lion, This Public Life and Under The Arch.

Public voting is open until Sunday, October 12.  Voters can share in fantastic weekly prizes including Melbourne Recital Centre tickets, iTunes vouchers and tickets for a hot air balloon ride with Melbourne Music Bank Ambassador Ella Hooper.  To learn more about the finalists, listen to their songs and cast a vote, visit

We are thrilled to celebrate Victoria’s local music talent with Melbourne Music Bank. It’s exciting to support the music community and give the winner a head start to their career,” says Bank of Melbourne Chief Executive Scott Tanner.   

In July, Melbourne Music Bank asked local musicians and bands to submit a song inspired by Melbourne. The career-making prize up for grabs includes two days of recording at Sing Sing Studios, a video clip by film maker Wilk, live gigs, album artwork, 500 CDs, PR and marketing advice and the chance to have their song used in a Bank of Melbourne advertising campaign.

Melbourne Music Bank Ambassador Ella Hooper told Australian Musician that she felt one of the biggest advantages of winning this competition is not only the actual prizes but the experience and education that comes with it. “I think one of the most amazing thing about this prize for people who may not have experienced this before, is the education that you can get from going to a world class studio, the education you get from making a video,” says Ella. “Every time I do those things, as an artist who has been doing it for 17 years, I learn so much. You take what you learn from one studio experience and you take it into the next one and you build on that. At a studio like Sing Sing you reach to match the opportunity and you stretch and that education never goes away, it stays.”

Cast your vote at

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MTAG+21+years+cover+1400+x+1400In the 80s, Chris Doheny was known as frontman of local hit-making rock outfit Geisha. However, Chris has since forged an even more successful career as a solo singer, songwriter and producer. In fact, Doheny’s first ever solo release in 1994, ‘More Than A Game’ is a song which has become an AFL football anthem. It’s apt that 20 years on, Chris has released a special anniversary version of the song during footy finals month.

‘More Than A Game’ began as the theme to Channel Nine’s acclaimed AFL Footy Show which began that same year. It remains arguably the longest running unchanged theme for an Australian television show.

“TV Producer Harvey Silver had been coming to my shows (when I was front man for Geisha) for years and approached me one night about getting involved in the making of a theme for the pilot of a new sports show for the Nine Network which was to be called The Footy Show” explained Chris.

“Harvey introduced me to the main songwriter Darren Sanicki and award winning producer/writer Josh Abrahams and together we recorded what is now known as More Than A Game.”

“The sessions were quite intense, as we all wanted to convey the feeling that the three of us, Harvey, Darren and myself felt about not only AFL football, but sport in general. I remember quite clearly that when the time came for me to do the main vocal; we recorded it at Sing Sing Studios in Richmond.”

“I had my 2 year old daughter wearing her Richmond footy jumper for the day and she quietly sat behind me in the vocal booth playing with her toy footy not making a sound while I sang the vocal. That gave me the impetus to really put my heart into the main take having her there with me. “

To celebrate 21 years since the release of More Than A Game, Doheny has recorded a special version with mostly acoustic instruments all played by himself, such as 6 and 12 string guitars, violins, violas, Hammond B4 organ and piano and even a footy.

‘More Than A Game is available on iTunes

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