Toowomba-based guitar dealer Owen Ray is one of those larger than life characters that everyone in the industry knows. The other fact is that Owen knows guitars. Not only has been the guitarist in his band The Countdowns for more than 50 years, he’s also been a long-standing music retailer, repairer and owned stores which have had large displays of vintage instruments … and now he is selling off these at the Melbourne Guitar Show!

Rare Takamine. Only 8 made

Rare Takamine. Only 8 made

“American brand guitars are made all over the place these days but the American guitars that I have are 100% American made and many of them have never been taken out of their cases,” Owen says of the selection of quality American made guitars that will be on display at the guitar show. He’ll also have many rarities from all over the world.

“There’s a signature model Hank Marvin Strat from 2001. Fender did a small release of them for the UK market only. I asked them for one and it has never been out of its case.  So come and see that. There’s a 5 string Fender Jazz bass, number 47 of only 120 made. There will be a 50th anniversary Telecaster still in the box, so many guitars. Plus there are some other rarities. I have a Takamine PXD-2 that only eight were made in the world. There are three in Japan and five others around the world and I have one, unused for $12,900 and there’s a beautiful Maton JB IV  Fretless bass that has never been played.”

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You can see these guitars on ground level stands  5&6. Here’s a list of Owen’s stand highlights:
Very rare Selmer  Triumph F hole acoustic electric
Fender esquire custom
Levin  Jazz F hole
Ovation  Breadwinner
Fender Eric Clapton  unplayed
Maton JB IV  Fretless bass new unplayed
Fender 57 Strat Reissue
Fender Stevie Ray Vaughn USA original unplayed
Fender Jazzmaster ,American Vintage series  1999 unplayed
Burns Hank B Marvin White
Fender 50th Anniversary  Tele
Fender Hank  B Marvin Reissue Strat LTD
Coronet Bass  1965
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top unplayed
Fender  50th Anniversary Jazz Bass
Fender 40th Anniversary P bass.
Gretsch White  Penguin
Wayne ampliphonic dobro 1938
Rare Framus Star  Bass
Star Goyatone  electric 1959
Lyon and Healy camp ukulele
Pacific  Commander F hole acoustic
Hoyer F  hole Jazz  guitar
Fender Lead 111 guitar
Gibson Pete Townsend  Signature SG
G & L Commemorative. Leo fender signature. Extremely  Rare  1992.
Guild M65 Freshman 1969
Emperador  Ash body  Jazz bass 1968
Epiphone Slasher 2001. LTD.




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