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Dave Whitehead of Roland

After a sensational launch concert the night before, the exhibition section of the inaugural Melbourne Synth Festival was open for attendees to see, try and buy the latest in synth, electronic music and DJ product. (Check out our gear rundown HERE.) Not only did punters get to view and play with the gear but they could also witness some performances by some wonderful local electronic music acts.

Sadiva begun the mornings proceedings with an energetic set of sweet beats, playing material from her latest recording ‘Minutes’. Returning to the stage after her Friday night performance, Emah Fox followed with her fabulous brand of high intensity synth pop.

Meanwhile over in the stables area, the folks from MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) were impressing everyone with their collection of vintage synths. Inside Workshop room 1 Simon Moro of ninety Nine 100 studios was keeping his audience captive with an informative session on the fundamentals of Signal flow and other DAW must-dos. next door in workshop 2, Melbourne synth stalwart Christopher Steller was presenting a talk on Waldorf new Quantam unit.

After lunch ACM aka Andy Muscat was treating his audience to a solid set of techno beats. Sergio Selim, who had just flown in from LA, where he is now based, presented an energetic show, utilising his array of toys including the Roland AX-Edge keytar and is talk box. The Oddness, also known as Smash bang Records head honcho Fergus, delighted everyone with his progressive house beats.

The stables area was busy all afternoon including another session from Chris, this time a guide to synthesis types. Byron Scullen from MESS gave a talk on the history of electronic music in Melbourne. David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack dissected performance of electronic dance music with synths and drum machines. Roland’s Dave Whitehead was surrounded by his group of enthusiastic attendees as he discussed hybrid DJ sets. Ross Healy was up next for Sound and Music with a great session on the amazing BUCHLA synths. Sessions on Steinberg products and Moog synths finished up an intriguing day one at Melbourne Synth Festival, leaving folks to head back to the exhibition area to look at the gear with new knowledge onboard.

Christopher Steller session



Simon Moro

The Langos were popular thanks to Bohemian Kitchen

Ehsan Gelsi

Ross Healy on BUCHLA

Sadiva hangin out at Store DJ


Sergio Selim

Steinberg session

Honeysmack… David Haberfeld

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On a rain-soaked weekend outside, attendees inside the Meat Market, North Melbourne enjoyed the amazing array of electronic music gear on show at the inaugural Melbourne Synth Festival. Melbourne’s serious gearheads were able to not only see, try and buy the product on show but also attend some wonderful demo sessions to check out the capabilities of some of the marquee gear.

LA-based 1010 Music showcased their line of Eurorack modules, including our sampler bitbox and our sequencer, toolbox. Electric Factory showed us their full range of Nord keyboards. Denon DJ Prime system (including the new SC5000M motorised media player). Large display of EVE Audio professional reference monitors. Akai Professional’s standalone MPC X and MPC Live and Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 (keytar).

Found Sound had a large number of modules to try from brands such as Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, ALM, Intellijel, 4ms, Doepfer, Industrial Music Electronics and many more. Innovative Music’s stand was very popular with some marquee synths brands including Novation, Moog, Elektron, Teenage Engineering, 1010 Music, Bitwig, Avid, Propellerhead, Access Virus, Studiologic. Retailer KC’s Rockshop offered a selection of interfaces, software and headphones from NI, Arturia, AKG and Steinberg.

Specialist hi-tech distributor Link Audio showed the full line of German made Waldorf synthesizers, starting with the synth everyone wants to play, the amazing new Quantum. We checked out the legendary Blofeld synthesizer keyboard and module and it was amazing, plus they also showed the range of Eurorack modules and the KB37 keyboard to mount them in, as well as the desktop synths Rocket, 2Pole and Streichfett.

The knowledgable Mannys Music staff were on hand to assist attendees with their queries on their range of Korg, Arturia, Universal Audio, and Native Instruments products.

Roland had a large presence, showcasing the complete AIRA range including the System 8 (now with JX-3P Plug-out included), TR-8S and VT-4, the new AX-EDGE Keytar, Roland Boutiques, Roland Analogue Modular and their Workstations with great specials across all products. They also had some amazing deals on V-Moda Crossfade headphones. Attendees were also able to rake a virtual 360 degree tour through the Roland museum.

Sound and Music launched their distribution of Buchla electronic musical instruments and showcased some of the iconic Buchla synth gear including the Music Easel. They also featured IK Multimedia’s UNO Synth true analog synthesizer and it’s editor software along with keyboard controllers from IK Multimedia and Nektar.
Hung To, Audiologist from Alpha Hearing was on hand to promote a greater awareness about hearing loss and hearing protection too.

Store DJ had all the latest cutting edge DJ gear from Pioneer and Native Instruments Traktor. Ableton, Korg, Arturia and more.

Synthstrom, a boutique electronic instrument manufacturer from Wellington, New Zealand were in the room too, showcasing the Deluge, a powerful and portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler built for music composition and live performance. The Deluge now features a new 2.1 software update

Yamaha Music impressed with the latest new products on display featuring the full range of stage pianos and synthesizers, including the new MODX series. The great range of Steinberg gear was on show too including award-winning, technologically advanced music and media production products for musicians and producers of music and video.

Here are the exhibitor website links:














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Mike Love + Tim Snider @ Northcote Social Club
Review by Joshua Batten. Photos by Sam Irving

Not to be confused with the guy from the Beach Boys, Mike Love is a Hawaiian born singer, songwriter, guitarist and loop master, specialising in Reggae with elements of Pop, Dub, and Prog Rock. Like many of his international fans, I was introduced to him through a video of him and his percussionist Sam Ites performing a song called “Permanent Holiday”, professionally shot in a Hawaiian lounge room. The 10-minute song is a perfect representation of everything to be found in Love’s music, including memorable riffs, a catchy chorus, soulful vocals, lyrics that deal with spirituality and the modern corporate world, a virtuosic guitar solo and tons of effects pedals. The highlight of the song is its bridge, where Love builds up a vocal loop one syllable at a time. The video now has over 16 million views and has given Love and Ites the chance to play all over the world. When they played their first show in Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club in January 2017, I was there and I was blown away by Love’s talent and multi-instrumental abilities. Now, just 22 months later, the pair have returned, and I went along to relive the highlights of the first show and see if they could bring anything different to the table.

Only a handful of people had walked in and sat down on the bandroom floor when Tim Snider (Violin player for Nahko & Medicine For The People) took the stage, but as his set went on, more people arrived in time to witness the evening’s secret weapon. Snider’s 45-minute set consists of just five long songs, but every song had a different feel and meaning to it. Snider effortlessly switched between 5-string violin and acoustic guitar throughout his set, laying down loops on a Boss ME-50 pedal while controlling his numerous effects pedals with his bare feet. The songs featured were “Hurricane” (about dealing with change), “Traveling Man” (about the correlation between being barefoot and being free), “Jump In The River” (about taking a risk), and “Humanity” (about overcoming fear and taking advice from your parents). Finally, the set ended with an improvisation with everyone standing up, fully mesmerised by Snider and his hypnotic violin.

After a brief intermission, Mike Love and Sam Ites arrived onstage and immediately launched into two of their most popular loop-heavy tracks, “Movin’ On” and “Be Thankful”. Instantly a feeling of communal joy spread around the room, with everyone dancing and several die-hard fans in the front row singing along. The rest of the first hour consisted of songs that weren’t played at Love’s first Melbourne show, including “Jahwakening”, “Human Race”, “Upfullness & Love”, and “Neva Retiyah”. All of Love’s songs seem to revolve around the same sort of lyrical themes; unity, humanity, uprising against corporate takeover, and love. Love’s onstage persona seems to reflect these beliefs – he performs sitting down with bare feet (which helps him navigate his smorgasbord of pedals), and always has a smile on his face whenever he’s singing. Ites also deserves credit for locking into the groove without any difficulty, mainly playing bongos but also adding different sounds with timbales, cymbals, a cajon, an electronic snare and an electronic foot pedal, which was used as a kick or cabasa depending on the song.

After “Barbershop”, an ode to the rasta lifestyle with plenty of spacey delay modulating in the outro, Love and Ites invited Snider back onstage to add violin to “Penniless”. The original version of this song goes for about nine minutes with a short sax solo, but tonight’s rendition was a true musical spectacle. Snider’s solo went for at least five minutes, beginning with plenty of space and long notes, and ending up at an intense peak without compromising soul. Everyone in the audience was amazed, and I think I may have found my new favourite violin player.

Unfortunately, as soon as Snider left the stage, the wheels slowly started to fall off. First, there was the five minute interval while Love dealt with a technical problem, and then after problem-free performances of “Humble” and “Children Of The Heart”, Love spent a good chunk of the song “Good News” giving a lecture about how politicians have failed us and it’s up to us to make our own destiny. A beautiful sentiment, but to be honest, I just wanted to hear him play some more. Unfortunately there was another super-long speech right before the lullaby-esque “No Regrets”, this time about family and unity. I don’t object to one or two short talk spots in a show, but I believe that your music should do most of the talking. When you’re on stage for over two hours, and almost half an hour of that time is spent ‘teaching’ rather than performing, it becomes very hard to stay in the moment, no matter how positive the message is.

By the time Love and Ites finally launched into “Permanent Holiday”, the song that should have been the big showcase, many in the audience were exhausted and only a handful of people in the front were into it, even with an interpolation of “Get Up, Stand Up”. After one last song, “Love Will Find A Way”, with Snider once again sitting in, the two and a half hour show finally came to an end.

Despite the different setlist, enthusiastic audience and amazing special guest, the speeches that made the show run long ultimately lead me to the verdict that my first Mike Love show back in 2017 was a more enjoyable one. However, all three musicians who performed tonight are exceptionally good, and I highly recommend checking out their music online.



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Your full Melbourne Synth Festival 3 day program is finally here! Check it out, plan your weekend and book now for early bird ticket specials

The Melbourne Synth Festival is Australia’s premier event dedicated to all things in the world of synthesisers, DJ equipment and electronic music making. See, try and buy the latest in music technology. Complete the experience with workshops and seminars and live performances from Melbourne’s cutting edge scene. The Melbourne Synth Festival allows for a fully engaging experience for the electronic musician, DJ and producer.

Download your #MSF2018 program pdf HERE



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Come on down to the Melbourne Synth Festival this weekend, Australia’s premier event dedicated to all things in the world of synthesisers, DJ equipment and electronic music making. Not only will see some amazing gear and hear our wonderful line up of artists but you’ll also be able to get your fix of fine food, coffee, beer, wine and spirits.

We’ve hand selected a highly recommended assortment of caterers, including;

Booze bar with beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks by Bottoms Up Bartenders
Facebook Link:

Coffee and bakery treats by Bean To Coffee
Facebook Link:

Lángoš to satisfy your cravings and hunger by Bohemian Kitchen
Facebook Link:

See, try and buy the latest in music technology. Learn from the experts at our numerous Workshops and Seminars and experience performances by cutting edge electronic music artists. Nov 23-25 Meat Market. North Melbourne.

Ticket info HERE

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SAMPA THE GREAT AND CHOIR (Photo by Martin Philbey)

The 2018 edition of The Age Music Victoria Awards was certainly one to remember. Settling into a new home at The Melbourne Recital Centre, the Victorian music industry gathered to recognize the outstanding achievements of our state’s music community and celebrate the best releases, performers, venues, and festivals of the past 12 months. In an Awards first, the night was a seated affair, with a red carpet entrance setting the scene for one the most anticipated music industry events on the Melbourne Music Week calendar.

The Age Music Victoria Awards began with a Welcome to Country by N’arweet Carolyn Briggs before kicking off with the first of many live performances with Mildlife’s ‘Magnificent Moon’. Once again hosted by Chris Gill and Lyndelle Wilkinson of co-presenting partners RRR 102.7FM and PBS 106.7FM, last night’s awards saw some familiar faces gracing the prize-winners’ stage on multiple occasions as well as some first-time awardees.

Internationally renowned Melbournian, Courtney Barnett, and rising star Baker Boy dominated the Publicly Voted Awards. Barnett took home awards for Best Solo Artist, Best Female Musician and The Premier’s Prize for the Best Victorian Album of 2018, which came with a $10,000 cash prize. Awards first-timer Baker Boy took out four gongs for Best Song, Best Male Musician, Best Live Act and The Premier’s Prize for the Best Victorian Breakthrough Act of 2018, which came with a $5,000 cash prize. Rounding out the 2018 Publicly Voted Awards winners were Camp Cope, who were awarded Best Band; The Northcote Social Club, which was awarded Best Small Venue, and The Corner Hotel claimed Best Large Venue.

Performances from Evelyn Ida Morris and Baker Boy completed the first half of the official ceremonies before the Publicly Voted Awards began. 2018 heavyweight Angie McMahon delivered a stunning performance of her single ‘Slow Mover’, and the Industry Voted Awards saw the soulful Kaiit take home The Archie Roach Foundation Award For Emerging Talent with a $2,000 cash grant, presented by Awards Hall of Fame inductee Archie. $3,000 Bendigo Bank cash prizes were awarded to the Best Regional/Outer Suburban acts and venues with This Way North, Karova Lounge Ballarat, and the Meeniyan Town Hall. The audience witnessed a truly special moment with the spine-tingling performance of “Bye River” from multi-award winner Sampa The Great and her 16-person choir.

“We’re so blown away to have won this award. Being two humans that grew up in small country Vic towns this means so much to our teenage selves. Currently living touring the old school way, in our van on the road and show to show being independent musicians, the backing from Bendigo Bank will go towards our next release. One day when we have a house again and this little guitar will go straight to the pool room.”  Cat and Leisha – This Way North

In the annual screen tribute to those in the industry whom we lost, it brought home what a horrid 12 months it’s been, with so many greats leaving us, such as Spencer P Jones, Conway Savage and close to our hearts at Australian Musician, photographer and media company co-owner Ros O’Gorman.


The evening concluded with the 2018 Age Music Victoria Hall Of Fame inductee Chrissy Amphlett, whose acclaimed career was celebrated with a video tribute, touching speeches from her cousin and mentor Patricia Amphlett (Little Pattie) and Matt Forster before Australian rock royalty, Ella Hooper and Dallas Frasca delivered a rousing live version of Divinyls’ ‘Boys In Town’.

Music Victoria and The Age would like to thank The Premier of Victoria, Bendigo Bank, APRA/AMCOS and the Archie Roach Foundation for their generous cash contributions, the awards partners, sponsors, volunteers, performers, and the general public for voting, attending and being a part of a truly incredible Awards and another amazing year in Victorian Music.

Earlier in the evening the Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley congratulated the nominees and winners on stage and announced if re-elected the Andrews Labor Government will stage a 10 day, state-wide music festival – Victoria Live creating jobs, boosting business and cementing our status as the music capital of Australia and the world. “We’re proud to support these awards, and it’s just a small acknowledgement of the economic, social and cultural benefits music brings to our State,” stated Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley.

Music Victoria CEO, Patrick Donovan said “Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees and thanks to the awards partners, artists and MCs for the amazing performances on the night. It really encapsulated the quality and diversity of Victorian music in 2018.”

ELLA HOOPER & DALLAS FRASCA  (Photo by Martin Philbey)


The Premier’s Prize for the Best Victorian Album of 2018 – $10,000 Cash Prize
Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel

Best Band
Camp Cope

Best Song
Baker Boy – Marryuna

Best Solo Artist
Courtney Barnett

Best Male Musician
Danzal Baker (Baker Boy)

Best Female Musician
Courtney Barnett

The Premier’s Prize for the Best Victorian Breakthrough Act of 2018 – $5000 Cash Prize
Baker Boy

Best Live Act
Baker Boy

Best Small Venue (under 500 capacity)
Northcote Social Club, Northcote

Best Large Venue (over 500 capacity)
Corner Hotel, Richmond

Best Festival
Golden Plains

Best Regional/Outer Suburban Act
Bendigo Bank $3,000
This Way North

Best Regional/Outer Suburban Venue (Over 50 gigs per year)
Bendigo Bank $3,000
Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Best Regional/Outer Suburban Venue (Under 50 gigs per year)
Bendigo Bank $3,000
Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan

Archie Roach Foundation Award for Emerging Talent

Best Blues Album
Collard Greens And Gravy – Luedella

Best Country Album
James Ellis & The Jealous Guys – It Ain’t Texas (But It Ain’t Bad)

Best Electronic Act

Best Experimental or Avant-Garde Act
Nat Grant

Best Folk or Roots Album
Michael Waugh – The Asphalt & The Oval

Best Global Act
Senegambian Jazz Band

Best Heavy Album
Encircling Sea – Hearken

Best Hip Hop Act
Sampa The Great

Best Jazz Album
Sam Anning – Across A Field As Vast As One

Best Reggae and Dancehall Act
Monkey Marc

Best Rock/Punk Album
Little Ugly Girls – Little Ugly Girls

Best Soul, Funk, RnB Album
Sampa The Great – Birds and The BEE9

Molly Meldrum and Chrissy Amphlett

More info via

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Australia’s five-day music festival dedicated to showcasing some of the best live acts in the world, held in Byron Bay each Easter, today announced 14 new artists added to the line-up for the festivals 30th Anniversary Celebration from 18-22 April 2019.

Among those announced today, the godfather of punk himself, Iggy Pop might just be the headliner some people have been waiting for to finalise their Bluesfest 2019 plans.

Joining Jack Johnson (exclusive), Paul Kelly, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals (exclusive), Kasey Chambers, Mavis Staples and George Clinton in Byron Bay this Easter will be:

Iggy Pop – Norah Jones
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Imelda May
Melbourne Ska Orchestra
Archie Roach
Pierce Brothers – Backsliders
Fantastic Negrito – The Marcus King Band
Thando – Little Georgia
Benny Walker – Dallas Woods

With even more artists yet to be announced…

With just 148 days to go until Easter 2019, Festival Director, Peter Noble OAM comments on the announce saying: “With our third artist announcement for Easter 2019, featuring 14 great artists, it brings us to almost 60 artists announced to date – with plenty more to come! You can now start to see the great headliners and depth of talent that are joining us to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, including the incredible Iggy Pop and nine-time Grammy winner Norah Jones!

Iggy Pop is making a welcome return to Bluesfest this Easter! Widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers of all time, Iggy Pop pre-figured both ‘70s punk and ‘90s grunge and has built a legendary career filled with both critical acclaim and fanatic cult success. After tearing the roof off the Bluesfest marquee in 2013, we are more than excited to have this iconic star back for our 30th Anniversary. Seeing Iggy Pop rock out is definitely a performance to put on every music lovers bucket list.

Nine-time Grammy Award winner Norah Jones is making her Bluesfest debut at our 30th Anniversary Celebration this Easter Long Weekend. Norah Jones first emerged on the world stage with the February 2002 release of “Come Away With Me”, her self-described ‘moody little record’ that introduced a singular new voice and grew into a global phenomenon, sweeping the 2003 Grammy Awards and signalling a paradigm shift away from the prevailing pop music of the time. Since then, Norah has sold 50 million albums worldwide and won a string of accolades.

Bluesfest is also thrilled to say, travelling merchants of R&B blues Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are joining the jam-packed Bluesfest 2019 line-up. The seven-piece Soul band will be gracing the stages of Bluesfest again but this time with a new album under their belt and an even larger Australian audience after a reinvention of his style in 2015 which is meant to be heard live. Known as a party animal on stage, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats offer a unique live performance with a front man who possesses a husky sixties styled voice with inflections of Gospel and a vibrant soulful band to support it.

The incredibly talented Imelda May is making the journey from the Emerald Isle to Byron Bay for the 30th Anniversary Celebration this Easter too. In her most recent album, ‘Life Love Flesh Blood’ produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett, Imelda has found a new groove, exploring Blues, Soul, Gospel, Folk, Rock, Acoustic and explosive Balladry, traditional to her heritage in the boldest, most personal and intimately autobiographical songs that she has ever written.

After several extremely memorable sets at Bluesfest over the years, you can be assured Melbourne Ska Orchestra will follow through with an unforgettable stage performance for our 30th Anniversary Celebration this April! Renowned for their live shows, the 30 odd piece orchestra featuring an 18-piece horn section, a mean rhythm section, percussionist, organist and four singers is sure to enthral Bluesfest audiences this Easter long weekend. Fronted by Nicky Bomba with his professional, energetic and impulsive conducting, Melbourne Ska Orchestra is a fun-loving big band experience which we cannot wait to see perform at Bluesfest.

Making a very welcome return to Bluesfest 2019 is Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Archie Roach. Archie’s career has spanned three decades and his work has been recognized locally and internally in both mainstream and indigenous circles. Over the many years of his successful career he has shared the stage with some of the world’s most iconic artists including the late Leonard Cohen, Rodriguez, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman and Patti Smith. His music speaks the stories of his people, of this land and of the human condition.

Melbourne Folk-Pop duo, Pierce Brothers are returning to Bluesfest for the 30th Anniversary Celebration. Comprising of twin brothers Jack and Pat Pierce, the multi-instrumentalists have been shaking dance floors and selling out rooms across the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and of course, their native Australia. Their irresistible energy and world-class live show has generated a buzz like no other which is sure to garner a big crowd in Byron Bay this Easter.

Aussie Blues band, Backsliders are making a welcome return to Bluesfest 2019. After touring the festival circuit and recording for over 30 years, Backsliders sure know how to entertain the crowds! Led by slide guitarist, multi-stringed instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist – Dom Turner, the group’s influencers are varied; blending Mississippi country Blues, Rock, Dub and Sounds of Asia into their unique music which has won them multiple accolades including an ARIA Blues and Roots nomination and iTunes Australian Blues and Roots album of the year. With Rob Hirst, one of the founding members of Midnight Oil on percussion and drums, these guys are renowned for their captivating live shows with an eclectic mix of Blues musical styles.

We’re all super excited to welcome Grammy Award winner, Fantastic Negrito to Bluesfest for our 30th Anniversary Celebration. Fantastic Negrito represents Xavier Dphrepaulezz’s third rebirth, literally coming back from death this time. The narrative on this man is as important as the sound, because the narrative is the sound. His songs are born from a long hard life channelled through black roots music. Fantastic Negrito is the story of a man who struggled to make it and with an incredible, self-taught musical talent, he managed to find his way back on track to stardom. When you listen to Negrito, you’re invited to hear the story of life after destruction. Fantastic Negrito is a poignant and exciting artist creating high-quality Blues music we are excited to see live this Easter.

South Carolina Blues Rockers, The Marcus King Band are making their Byron Bay Bluesfest debut this Easter, promising a blistering but Soulful live performance at Bluesfest 2019. Led by the 20-year-old phenom Marcus King, the band have exploded over the last year bringing their southern fried brand of Blues and Psychedelia inspired Rock n’ Roll on a global tour.  The band operate as more of an improvisational juggernaut versus a one-man axe-wielding show backed by a few musicians.

Bluesfest also welcomes Zimbabwean born and Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Thando to Byron Bay for her Bluesfest debut this Easter! The multi-dimensional performer has been extremely busy gracing stages around Australia with her electric presence and powerhouse vocals including a support slot for the sold-out Allen Stone show last October. Forging forward to solidify her status as Australia’s newest first lady of R&B, be sure to catch her powerful performance.

No strangers to the road, Australian Alt Country-Rock duo Little Georgia have spent the last three years touring relentlessly and sharing their music across the globe. Known for their powerful live performances, Little Georgia deliver beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics amongst a sea of Acoustic Folk, Country songs and crazed out Electric jams. The duo’s debut studio album ‘All The While’ was released earlier this month.

Yorta Yorta singer-songwriter, Benny Walker is the real deal. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for people, the land, summer vibes and deep grooves that reach the soul. Capturing hearts with darker tracks reflecting a shadowy side, Benny’s killer voice and songwriting talents have impressed audiences far & wide. We’re delighted to have him added to the bill for our 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Also onboard is 24-year-old Dallas Woods to Byron Bay for his Bluesfest debut. The young Noongar man, raised in the East Kimberley’s lures you in with his cheeky vibe, inspiring the audience with a positive skew just as you’re smiling along, he’ll pack you with a punch to the guts rapping about confronting subjects in a manner so lightly you feel confused! Having recently MC’d on Baker Boy’s recent sold-out Marryuna Tour across the country, Dallas is no stranger to the stage and is sure to get crowds going at our 30th Anniversary Celebration.

All joining the previously announced artists for 2019:

Jack Johnson – Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals – Paul Kelly
Hozier – David Gray
Ray La Montagne
Julia Stone – Gary Clark Jr.
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Mavis Staples – Snarky Puppy
Kasey Chambers
Tommy Emmanuel – Meshell Ndegeocelle
Kurt Vile and the Violators – Keb’ Mo’
Colin Hay – St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Shaky Graves – Arlo Guthrie
Nahko and Medicine for the People
Tex Perkins – Allen Stone – Ruthie Foster
Richard Clapton – Russell Morris – Flogging Molly
Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real
Samantha Fish – The War and Treaty
I’m With Her – Larkin Poe – The Black Sorrows
Vintage Trouble – Mojo Juju – Trevor Hall
Irish Mythen – Anderson East
The California Honeydrops – Elephant Sessions
Deva Mahal – Melody Angle
Hussy Hicks – Caiti Baker
Rock Wiz Live

The 2019 playing schedule so far is available on with many more to come.
Tickets are now on sale through

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Toyah Cordingley a beautiful, highly popular 24 year old animal and music loving young lady. Ms Cordingley’s body was discovered in the dunes at Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns, on October 22, a day after she was reported missing.
Toyah was taken from us way too early. A young lady just walking her dog on a beach was murdered, in a crime that has shaken the whole country. Despite a huge amount of information collected to police, the killer is still at large and needs to be found as there may be others at risk.

Toyah’s favourite song was ‘’Your Guardian Angel’’ by THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS. The band start their Australian Tour on the 29th November in Brisbane. John Howarth, the tour publicist was contacted by a colleague and informed that the song was often referred to as Toyah’s Song. It was her go to song, her ring tone for a long time and a song that her friends and family relate heavily to, more now than ever.

John contacted lead singer Ronnie Winter to see if the band could dedicate the song to Toyah on all of their Australian shows and they will be. Ronnie has also come up with a new lyric video and the band have pinned the story under the video.

‘’This lyric video will stand as a living memorial for those we have lost along the way. If you know someone who has passed and this song was special to them feel free to leave their story in the comment thread or a simple name and date of passing to have them remembered and thought of by all…’’

R.I.P. Toyah Cordingley, Bless you beautiful lady and we certainly will make ‘’Your Guardian Angel’’ Toyah’s Song. Music can bring us all together, it bonds us, it strengthens us. Please spread the word and the song. We need to find the killer.

If you have any information at all regarding the death of Toyah Cordingley – PLEASE Contact Crime Stoppers immediately on: 1800 333 000

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Heading to the Melbourne Synth Festival? Well ya should and here’s 5 big reasons why!
The Melbourne Synth Festival (Nov 23-25, 2018 Meat Market, North Melbourne) is Australia’s premier event dedicated to all things in the world of synthesisers, DJ equipment and electronic music making.

Friday 23 November 7-11pm Meat Market North Melbourne
Festival Launch Event: Featuring Luke Million + Emah Fox + Beatrice + Honeysmack

The opening night concert offers up a fascinating lineup of artists from the Australian electronic music world featuring Luke Million, whose synth wizardry we first witnessed with his Future Classic releases. The Triple J waves are no stranger to Luke’s releases with tracks Arnold, Midnight and Fear the Night hitting radios and ears on high rotation. His trademark sound has been in demand with Luke crafting a string of remixes for artists including Tkay Maidza, Porsches, Young Franco, Moullinex, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and even his own band The Swiss. Also on the bill is Melbourne-based Acid House stalwart Honeysmack, who will bring is vintage synth swagger to the stage. Honyesmack aka David Haberfleld’s work as an energetic and colourful live electronic act Honeysmack has earned him rare respect on the Australian live rock and dance music circuits. We’re also fortunate to have the uber-busy Beatrice Lewis performing. Just back from an extensive European and UK tour with one of her other projects Haiku Hands, Beatrice will be another act you won’t want to miss. Rounding out our electronic music blitz will be Emah Fox and her fabulous dark brand of synth pop, urgent beats and ominous synths.

Super early bird deal! Purchase a Festival pass for $45 before November 16, get into the opening night concert and it includes your entry into the Melbourne Synth festival for the whole weekend! 3 dates of fun for the one!

Tickets HERE and take advantage of our EARLY BIRD rates!

Saturday 24 November 10am-6pm
Sunday 25 November 10am-4pm
See, try and buy from a huge range of electronic music-related gear. There will be the New, Vintage, and Boutique. Hardware and Software. Synth units, plug ins and accessories. Headsets and Turntables. MIDI and Modular. You won’t see this much gear under one roof again this year!
Brands include: 1010 Music, Arturia, Avid, Bitwig, Buchla, Elektron, Eve Audio, Ferrofish, Focusrite, IK Multimedia, Korg, M-Audio, Moog, Native Instruments, Nektar, Nord,
Novation, Pittsburgh Modular, Propellerhead, Reason, Reference, RME, Roland, Steinberg,
Teenage Engineering, Tendrils (eurorack), Traktor, Waldorf, Yamaha and more.

MSF2018 offers an incredible opportunity to educate yourself in all things electronica in our 2 dedicated demonstration areas. Come on down and sit in on the many sessions being offered and ask those questions you’ve been pondering over. Our experts include Byron Scullin (MESS), the resequencer himself Christopher Steller, David Haberfeld (Honeysmack), Dave Whitehead (Roland), Ehsan Gelsi (Innovative Music), Davey Norris aka Dizz 1 and many more.

Not only does MSF2018 offer our great Friday night launch concert but you can also catch DJ sets and electronic music performances all weekend. Artists appearing over the weekend include: Cannes 2018 Palmes D’Or winning soundtrack creator Chiara Kickdrum, ACM, Emah Fox, Honeysmack, Amelia Arsenic (just returned from successful USA tour), The Oddness, Sadiva, Ehsan Gelsi + LA-based Aussie Sergio Selim and more.

5. MESS tours
Take advantage of his wonderful opportunity to view and try the amazing vintage and 
state of the art gear at the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio. Based in Melbourne Australia, MESS is a unique not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the creation of electronic sound and music founded by Robin Fox and Byron J Scullin. The heart of MESS is the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, a fully functioning sound production workshop representing one of the most unique, eclectic and historically significant collections of electronic instruments in the world.

Event Website:
Meat Market, North Melbourne
3 Blackwood St, Melbourne, Victoria 3051

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Posted in Blog    //    Post Date - November 14, 2018

Merri Creek Tavern, Westgarth. November 12
Photos by Jason Rosewarne

Treasured Australian alt-folk outlier Mick Thomas and his band The Roving Commission have just announced the new EP Boxing Day Drive, and his traditional string of pre-Christmas dates across the country. From the forthcoming EP, the single of the same name is out now. This week Mick and band launched the EP with a media gig at Westgarth’s Merri Creek Tavern.

The night started out with a 15 minute video of the band in Memphis and interviews with various people talking about the experiences of recording with legendary US producer Jim Dickinson and their video clip for Boxing Day Drive, which can be viewed on Youtube. The festivities ended up in the pub’s front bar, with Mick playing the final song around the piano without any microphones or amplification.

Compiled from particularly fruitful and inspired album recording dates in Memphis, Tennessee, Boxing Day Drive offers long-time fans a tantalising glimpse into the sessions that will become the band’s forthcoming full-length album release Cold Water DFU – due for release in 2019 and destined to leave yet another high water mark on Thomas’ already storied career. The journey back to Memphis was both a spiritual and musical pilgrimage for Thomas and his long-time collaborator Mark “Squeezebox Wally” Wallace, returning to the scene of the creation of Wedding Parties Anything 1989 masterpiece The Big Don’t Argue, though this time with Kevin Houston and Cody Dickson, rather than Cody’s late father and recording legend Jim Dickson at the helm (Kevin was Jim’s long time studio engineer).

Tour dates at bottom of Jason’s photo gallery

With Ayleen O’Hanlon supporting all shows.

Wed 21 Nov    The Publican | Mornington, VIC

Wed 28 Nov    Smith’s Alternative | Canberra, ACT

Thu 29 Nov    Camelot Lounge | Marrickville, NSW

Fri 30 Nov    Camelot Lounge | Marrickville, NSW

Sat 1 Dec    The Milk Factory | Brisbane, QLD * 3pm show

Sat 1 Dec    The Milk Factory | Brisbane, QLD * 8pm show

Sun 2 Dec    The Milk Factory | Brisbane, QLD

Fri 7 Dec    The Wheatsheaf | Adelaide, SA
With guest Sean Simmons

Sat 8 Dec    The Wheatsheaf | Adelaide, SA
With guest Sean Simmons

Sun 9 Dec    The Wheatsheaf | Adelaide, SA
With guest Sean Simmons

Sat 15 Dec    The Navy Club | Fremantle, WA

Sun 16 Dec    The Oxford Hotel | Leederville, WA

Sat 22 Dec    The Spotted Mallard | Brunswick, VIC

Sun 23 Dec    The Caravan Club | Oakleigh, VIC

Mon 24 Dec    The Caravan Club | Oakleigh, VIC

Boxing Day Drive out 16 November 2018 through Bloodlines

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