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Ian Moss laying down a guitar track during recent session. Pic courtesy Jean-Paul Fung’s Instagram page

As revealed by Australian Musician almost two weeks ago, Cold Chisel had been in the studio recording and wrapped up their surprise session earlier this week. The band had been in the studio for nine days working on demos of new material, planned for an album to be released in 2015. This will be the band’s first release through their own company, Cold Chisel Music and will be distributed by Universal Music. Cold Chisel severed ties with Warner Music late last year, after a thirty five year association.

Not to be outdone by David Gilmour’s wife tweeting to her friends about a new Pink Floyd album, Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane began posting hints of the Chisel sessions on her Twitter account a couple of weeks ago. First was the photo of a blackboard, which clearly showed the Chisel gear load-in day (July 12) and recording start day (July 13). Over the next week, more pictures were posted of catering being delivered to the studio and shots of the band with the caterers. Finally posts on the band’s own social media sites featured photos of Chisel members inside the studio.


Studio collage posted to the band’s social media

Australian Musician was already aware that the Cold Chisel recordings were being produced by Kevin ‘The Caveman” Shirley and engineered by Jean-Paul Fung. Prior to the Chisel session, that same production team had been working on both Jimmy Barnes 30/30 Anniversary album and his daughter Mahalia’s record with her band The Soul Mates.

The new Chisel album will be the first without input from original drummer Steve Prestwich, who tragically died during the recording of their 2012 record, No Plans. Some of Steve’s drum takes appeared on that album, the remainder were played by Charlie Drayton, husband of the late Chrissy Amphlett. Charlie once again joined Chisel for the new sessions. Drayton is also currently involved in moves to have a Melbourne laneway named in honour of his wife Chrissy.

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cherryMelbourne is known worldwide as one of the globe’s great music cities. Any town that has a lane named after one of its mightiest bands, AC/DC, has got be serious about its rock music. Located in the middle of AC/DC Lane is one of the best rock and roll clubs in the world, the Cherry Bar. Not only does the bar put on a great show (New York Dolls, Black Keys, Mark Lanegan), it’s also a popular place for local and international musicians to hang out when they’re not playing (Motorhead, Kasabian, Jack Black). The bar has principles too! They famously knocked back Lady Gaga who wanted to play there, instead staying true to the originally booked band, Jackson Firebird. Owner by local music identity and staunch supporter of Australian music James Young, the club, like many inner city venues, is under constant threat of closure due to the gentrification of our cities. Why people move into a noisy city and then complain about noise is beyond comprehension.

Young has announced that he is addressing the threat of potential closure from noise complaints from new residents through an elaborate and expensive sound-proofing procedure which it proposes to partially pay for through an ambitious direct-to-fan campaign using PledgeMusic. Cherry Owner and Booker James Young explains…

The Background
New residential developments threatening existing live music venues is the biggest issue globally facing music today.

Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane Melbourne is at the coalface of this burning issue. A 12-storey 189-apartment residential development at 108 Flinders Street now towers directly over AC/DC Lane with its north facing balconies frowning down upon us.

Residents are scheduled to move in in August. And despite the fact that Cherry has not had a single noise complaint in 14 positive and successful rocking years, as soon as these apartments open and one person complains we are on the wrong side of the law and can be closed down.

All the support in the world and all the well meaning, but ultimately ethereal acceptance of the “agent of change principle” (where the entity that instigates the change is responsible for the consequences, i.e. sound-proofing) at Council and Government level count for nothing at this stage because right now the law is immediately on the side of the pop-up complaint maker.

The Solution
Cherry has paid a small fortune to investigate the necessary sound attenuation ‘works’ to make us compliant in all circumstances. These works, in summary, involve a brick wall behind our stage area, double-glazing of all windows and the creation of a two-door soundproof bubble entrance to Cherry. The cost of these works is too high for Cherry to bear alone. Cherry Bar does not have the available funds to complete these works, so Cherry Bar faces the very real threat of being closed down.

The solution to this problem is for Cherry to find a ‘White Knight’ to contribute approximately half of these soundproofing works. And this White Knight is….the live music loving public. Cherry, through a PledgeMusic direct-to-fan campaign, launched on Wednesday 23 July aim to raise the necessary funds to commence work on the sound-proofing, which will mean Cherry is compliant with noise restrictions related to its brand new residential neighbours and accompanying restaurant and will be able to continue to operate as a 7-night-a-week live music venue, one which currently showcases over 1 100 local acts per year. Pleasingly, PledgeMusic are taking care of all transaction fees and donating back 5% of the campaign income to help Save Cherry.

Punters who choose to help save rock n roll and Cherry Bar will be given a wide selection of items to ‘purchase’ (prices range from $18 to $5 000) including T-Shirts, Stubby Holders, Bumper Stickers, named “bricks” in the soundproof wall and medallions for annual and life-time free entry to Cherry Bar. There is also 7-track digital EP featuring donated songs from 7 of Cherry’s favourite Australian bands – Drunk Mums, Child, Hits, F*ck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Matt Sonic & The High Times, Dead City Ruins and Palace of the King, all of whom regularly grace the infamous Cherry Stage.

James Young concludes, “In some senses this is a sad story. It really is not fair that the venue has to pay for this sound-proofing. It should be the developers’ cost. And it’s not fair that we have to turn to the cash-strapped public and ask for their help to contribute half of our building costs, but I’ve sat through dozens of well intentioned meetings that go round and round in circles without ever providing a solution for the poor threatened live music venues. The conclusion I’ve come to is…to avoid confrontation is the best course of action: to soundproof Cherry so we are compliant and beyond reproach and above complaints from our new neighbours and can 100% stay alive and continue to support live music. This is what must be done and in order to do it, we need help, we need your help. Please help us save rock n roll. Please help save Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane. Thank you.”

To save rock n roll go to:

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elton_john_million_dollar_pianoThe Million Dollar Piano! You may have been lucky enough to see the show live, many international travelers to Las Vegas have. Now everyone can see Elton John’s amazing Caesars Palace spectacular, The Million Dollar Piano on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Since September 2011, international mega-star Elton John has been playing a residency at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas based around Yamaha’s amazing technological achievement, the Million Dollar Piano. Audiences have not only been able to experience many of the legend’s worldwide hits such as Bennie And The Jets, Rocket Man, and Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting), but also marvel at this unique piano.

“I’m going to have a fabulous piano that Yamaha have been working on for four years, and that’s the reason why the show is called The Million Dollar Piano,” said Elton John prior to the show’s launch.

Elton John - Million Dollar Piano BR 2DSo what makes this 9′ concert grand piano and performance so spectacular? Apart from Elton’s incredible repertoire and showmanship, the piano itself shares equal billing. The Yamaha piano features an exterior casing made of angular panels, which creates reflections that cannot be achieved on a regular polished ebony surface. It really is a perfect combination of technology and art. Rather than being supported by wooden legs, the Million Dollar Piano rests on prism-like acrylic foundations that reflect and refract light and make the piano appear to float or hover above the ground.

Where the visual wow-factor really comes into play though, is the state-of-the-art 3mm HD-resolution video LED panels, which delivers crisp and ultra-vivid colour. Sixty eight LED video screens and programmable LED lights are used to transform the piano into an ever-changing array of images, patterns, lights and colours.

Built-in MIDI sensors in the keyboard not only mean that technicians are able to trigger and manipulate light, sound, video and other effects in real time but Elton too has a degree of control. Depending on how hard or soft he makes contact with the keys, he is able to add sonic enhancements and trigger visual effects.

Make no mistake, the instrument, which weighs 3,200 pounds (1,451 kg), is not just a visual showpiece. This pristine sounding piano is a highly-modified, hand-assembled Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, with harp and hardware made from nickel as opposed to conventional brass.

The Million Dollar Piano project began as a collaborative creative concept between Elton John and Chris Gero of Yamaha Entertainment Group.

“What if the piano was, first of all, a work of art, and, secondly, it was a chameleon onstage?” Gero told earlier this year about his initial thoughts on the project. “What if it was part of the set and it featured into different musical pieces because it can morph with video? Or, what if it became the epicentre of the moment, just based on the mood of the song?”

It was 29-year old Akie Hinokio of the Yamaha Design Lab who came up with the final piano design. It was important to Yamaha, that not only would the piano offer amazing visual capabilities but it also needed to function as a premium grand piano. Once the piano had been created, it just required Elton’s famed performance magic to bring it to life.

The LA Times said of the show: “To fully appreciate the spectacle that is Elton John’s new show The Million Dollar Piano at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, you have to pay attention to the details, such as the jumbo piano-roll swirls that flank the piano player and change colors throughout the night, shifting from gold to ruby to emerald to sapphire. Not that you can miss them. They’re the size of stretch SUVs. Or the pair of cocker spaniel bas-reliefs tucked at the base of another set piece, representing John’s two canine companions, which sit beneath a handful of cupids leaning on a ledge and peering down amid bountiful grapevines. Or the tennis-court-sized screen behind John and his five-piece core band, which displays dozens of animated backdrops to accompany the songs, moving from glowing sunsets and spinning candelabras to carnival scenes to live-action clips of John throughout the years in many ridiculous outfits.”

The wonderful band featured in the Million Dollar Piano film includes Davey Johnstone (guitars and vocals), Nigel Olsson (drums and vocals), the late Bob Birch (bass), John Mahon (percussion and vocals) and Kim Bullard (keyboards) plus 2 cellists (Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic), backing vocalists Rose Stone, Tata Vega, Jean Witherspoon and Lisa Stone. The Million Dollar Piano show was also a perfect opportunity for Elton to bring back long-time friend and percussionist, Ray Cooper.  “It’s joyous to be back again,” Ray said of the reunion, “especially with Elton. He was the first person to give me the key, which opened so many other doors.”

Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano show is an ongoing residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and tickets can still be purchased, or you can watch the DVD or Blu-Ray in the comfort of your own home. For a taste of the show, view Elton performing I’m Still Standing from the concert film below.

 For more information on Yamaha pianos:

To win one of 5 Blu-Ray copies of The Million Dollar Piano, email us and tell us which American city the show was filmed in
Email to: [email protected]

Competition open to Australian residents only. Entries close Thurs 31 July, 2014


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One of Australia’s most loved bands, Augie March is back. ‘After The Crack Up’ is the first song from Augie March’s forthcoming fifth album. The official video places the band in a piece of cinema history – the world’s first ever feature-length narrative film. The Story Of The Kelly Gang, made in 1906 was at its time a wildly successful film in Australia and abroad. Despite its fame, the historic film was thought to have been lost by 1940 as all known prints had disappeared. In 1976 a lucky find started a chain of events that eventually led to the film being painstakingly restored by the National Film and Sound Archive.

The video for After The Crack Up is faithful to the film’s silent-movie style. It was directed and edited by Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the team behind the Australian horror-comedy 100 Bloody Acres, for which Augie March singer-songwriter Glenn Richards provided the music score. The Cairnes brothers had also previously worked with the band on videos for their songs The Mothball (1998) and The Hole In Your Roof (2000).
The band and directors would like to thank the National Film and Sound Archive, and Madman Entertainment, for their assistance in the making of this video. More information from the NFSA:

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Winter at BB Kings New York 2013

Paul Nelson,  Johnny Winter’s guitarist, friend and manager has confirmed that the blues legend has died. In a statement issued a moment ago, Nelson said:
I lost my friend and mentor yesterday
Legendary Johnny Winter Dies at 70

Texas blues icon Johnny Winter has passed away on July 16, 2014 in his hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland.
His wife, family and bandmates are all saddened by the loss of their loved one and one of the world’s finest guitarists.
An official statement with more details shall be issued at the appropriate time.

Reports began coming through on social media around 4pm Eastern Australian Time that legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter had died in Switzerland. However, the news came via sketchy and unconfirmed reports. Word spread quickly as fans worldwide expressed their sorrow in tributes on Facebook and Twitter. Some media picked up on a Facebook conversation between Rick Derringer’s (Former guitarist with Johnny and Edgar Winter) wife and a confidante of Johnny’s current drummer Tommy Curiale in which they were trying to acquire information three hours after the initial news.

Johnny Winter was an American guitar legend who released a swag of celebrated high energy blues albums in the 70s and 80s and he also produced three Grammy winning albums for Muddy Waters. Johnny and his brother Edgar, who were both born with albinism, also played together in highly regarded bands. Johnny counted icons such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix as personal friends.

A documentary on on the guitarist, Johnny Winter: Down and Dirty” finally premiered at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The film by Greg Oliver followed Winter around the world, on stage, back stage and beyond.

I was fortunate to see Johnny play at BB King’s in New York in 2013. I was to meet him for an interview afterwards but for whatever reason, he wasn’t available. I did however catch up with him on the phone a couple of months later. We discussed ‘Step Back’ the album he was working on, which currently has a September 2 release date, and his work with Muddy Waters. I’ll always remember one of the last things he said to me; “I like mono records. I never really liked stereo … still don’t.”

You can read the interview here

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PKELLYPaul Kelly Presents – The Merri Soul Sessions
Following the recent releases of his groundbreaking song cycles, ‘Spring and Fall’ and ‘Conversations with Ghosts’, Paul Kelly is pleased to announce another innovative chapter in his long-standing career. Earlier this year, Paul assembled his touring band and an exciting group of singers to record a set of new songs as well as one old classic. The tracks were performed live in the studio by Clairy Browne, Vika and Linda Bull, Dan Sultan, Kira Puru and himself.

Dubbed ‘The Merri Soul Sessions’, the music will be released via PledgeMusic as a series of four 7-inch vinyl singles (double A-side) over six months from July 2014. This will be followed by an album in early 2015 containing all of the singles and three more songs.

Each vinyl single can be bought individually or combined in a limited edition Box Set. Only 1,000 of the 7-inch Box Sets will be manufactured. They will also be available as digital downloads. More details are available via PledgeMusic at

The first single is Keep On Coming Back For More, featuring Clairy Browne, and What You Want, featuring Vika Bull.

See below for the full schedule of dates and releases and a sneak preview of the artwork, designed by Peter Salmon-Lomas at Salmon Design.

 Paul Kelly explains …
“In recent years doing band shows with Vika and Linda, Vika had been singing Sweet Guy, an old song of mine, and bringing the house down each time. I was keen to record her version and thought, naturally, that if we were going into the studio we should try and get some other songs on tape as well. I had a song in mind for Linda. I wrote a couple of songs with Dan Sultan that had a soul kind of feeling. And a couple of recent songs of mine, as yet unrecorded, came back into view. They seemed to fit well with the others. Having half a dozen songs now that were talking to each other helped me write a couple more. This is how it goes. One thing leads to another. You never quite know what’s happening ‘til you’re in the middle of it.

I started to imagine a soul revue type record performed live in the studio with a variety of singers and the one band. I’d fallen in love with Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes’ Love Letter, the sound of it as well as the song, so invited Clairy and the producer of that record, Steve Schram, to get involved. I’d seen Kira Puru perform One Eye Open live on YouTube and thought she might be the one to nail I Don’t Know What I’d Do, a song left off ‘Spring and Fall’ because I couldn’t sing it myself yet. It needed a torch singer who could balance light and dark. Plus, I loved the way she sang with a big glass of red wine never out of her hand. She, Clairy and Steve, thankfully, all said yes. Meanwhile Vika and Linda had started singing live the two songs Dan and I had written. The stew was simmering on the stove.

From February 17th to March 1st this year we camped in Soundpark Studios, Northcote, right by Merri Creek and recorded a song a day. Sundays off. Our general routine was to rehearse with the band in the morning, getting the song into some kind of shape sonically and piecing out a rough arrangement. The singers would come in later and take it home. We finished all the songs we had in mind a day early so I had time to write a gospel song Hasn’t It Rained as an album closer.

The band comprises Peter Luscombe, drums and percussion; Bill McDonald, bass; Ash Naylor guitar, electric mainly; Cam Bruce, piano and organ; Vika and Linda, harmonies when they aren’t singing lead; and me on rhythm guitar. Dan Kelly guests on one song Keep On Coming Back For More.”      PK July 1, 2014

 Paul Kelly presents – The Merri Soul Sessions, the full album, will be available through regular retail channels from February 2015. Prior to that, fans will have the opportunity to pre-order and receive the special collector’s editions detailed below.

A five-minute film by Andy Doherty featuring live footage with an insight into the sessions can be viewed here:

7-inch vinyl singles (available in retail outlets, iTunes and via PledgeMusic).
A series of four 7-inch vinyl records will be released, one every two months from July. Each 7-inch features two tracks from the forthcoming album and a digital download of the single.

7-inch vinyl Box Set (limited edition and available exclusively via PledgeMusic).
Fans who purchase the special collectors’ box will receive the first 7-inch single when it is released in July. Each of the subsequent 7-inch singles will be automatically mailed to them every two months thereafter. Only 1,000 Box Sets will be manufactured. Purchasers will also be entitled to a free digital download of the full album released in February 2015.

12-inch vinyl Deluxe Edition (available exclusively via PledgeMusic).
For those seeking something a little extra, the Deluxe Edition will be released in conjunction with the full album in February 2015. This will feature special packaging and exclusive extras along with a heavyweight 12-inch vinyl record and a digital download of the full album. Stay tuned to the website for more information.

‘Paul Kelly presents – The Merri Soul Sessions’ Schedule of releases

 7-inch vinyl box set (limited edition available exclusively via PledgeMusic – ): from July 2014  

 7″ Single number 1: July 2014
Keep On Coming Back For More, featuring Clairy Browne
What You Want, featuring Vika Bull

7″ Single number 2:  September 2014
I Don’t Know What I’d Do, featuring Kira Puru
Thank You, featuring Paul Kelly

 7″ Single number 3: November 2014
Smells Like Rain, featuring Linda Bull
Don’t Let A Good Thing Go, featuring Dan Sultan

 7″ Single number 4: January 2015
Sweet Guy, featuring Vika Bull
Down On The Jetty, featuring Vika and Linda Bull

 The Album on 12” Vinyl Deluxe, 12″ Vinyl, CD and Digital: February 2015
Contains 11 tracks, including 3 never before released.

 For more information about Paul Kelly presents – The Merri Soul Sessions please go to: 



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Andy BullRottofest 2014, the sixth annual weekend festival of comedy, film and music on Rottnest Island, WA curated by Vulture Culture is proud to announce its best line-up yet, with over 25 comedy performers and 12 music acts set to perform across 5 venues on the island with an exciting new opening comedy gala on Friday 19 September through to Sunday 21 September 2014.

This year’s headline comedy acts features Chappelle’s Show writer and performer Donnell Rawlings (AKA Ashy Larry), documentary filmmaker, broadcaster and author John Safran performing his special literary show Murder in Mississippi, Troy Kinne host and creator of the new 7mate comedy sketch show “Kinne”, Aussie comedy favourite Claire Hooper, YouTube sensation Neel Kolhatkar (NSW), Triple J Raw Comedy Winner 2011 Dayne Rathbone (ACT), as well as Cam Knight (NSW), Sean Woodland (NSW), Sami Shah (Pakistan), Janelle Koenig (WA) and local favourites Suns of Fred (WA).

Rottofest prides itself on showcasing the best up and coming local and national musicians and this year’s music acts include singer-songwriter Andy Bull (NSW) as part of his Sea of Approval album tour. Joining Bull will be Panama (NSW), Coin Banks (WA), Woodlock (VIC), Rainy Day Women (WA), Deja (VIC), Bootleg Rascal (NSW), Our Man in Berlin (WA), Lyall Moloney (NSW), plus DJ’s Micah (WA), NDORSE (WA) and Paradise Paul (WA).

Australia’s Funniest Shorts will feature a curated selection of Australia’s funniest short films and filmed sketches.
Special events include: The Big Hoo Haa, Bogan Bingo & Tomas Ford’s Crap Disco.
Rottofest Early Bird priced tickets are now on sale here (until 7st August or whilst stocks last). Rottofest is an 18+ event.

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JTEFORPRESSRELEASE.223301Local promoter Brian Taranto (Love Police) has had a long-term love affair with alternative country music. On October 18, he will be realising a dream when he presents Out On The Weekend, a one day music festival featuring a classy line-up of Americana style acts. Headlining will be Justin Townes Earle, son of Steve Earle and commonly regarded as one of the coolest musicians on the planet. Also featured on the bill are: Henry Wagons, Ryan Bingham, Robert Ellis, Lindi Ortega, Nikki Lane, The Delines, Jonny Fritz, Emma Swift, Chris Altmann, Raised By Eagles, and The Morrisons.

Delicious music for your mouth will be provided by Sydney’s leading renegade chef’s, Ben Milgate & Elvis Abrahanowicz of Porteño/Bodega fame and Raph Rashid – Melbourne’s Street Food King of Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck and All Day Donuts. Stay tuned as the mouthwatering lineup of gourmet food and beverages will be revealed soon!

Early Bird tickets $79 (inc. all fees) on sale Friday 25th July from or phone 1300 724 867Doors 11:30am. Free entry for kids under 12 years old.

Very limited Cripple Creek Ferry Packages available for $199 (inc. all fees) including:
– Return Ferry transfer from Dockland to the event with live entertainment aboard!
– Entry to Out on the Weekend
– 2 x meal vouchers (for main dishes)
– 4 x beverage vouchers
– Limited edition ‘Cripple Creek Ferry Package’ screen printed poster (distributed to you on the return ferry ride after the event) 
Ferry departs Docklands at 11:00am and returns after the event.

Out On The Weekend
11:30am – 10:30pm
Saturday 18th October 2014

Seaworks: 82 Nelson Place, Williamstown, VIC 3106
For full event information head to:

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cold_chisel_650Word on the street (and Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane’s Twitter page) is that legendary Australian band Cold Chisel is in the studio and working on demos for a new album. Kevin ‘The Caveman’ Shirley who produced their last two studio albums, No Plans in 2012 and The Last Wave of Summer in 1998, is thought to be producing this one with Jean-Paul Fung engineering. The band’s last output was  “The Live Tapes”, the live recordings of their 2012 tour at the end of 2013. An album of new material would be the first Chisel record without input from original drummer Steve Prestwich, who tragically died during the recording of No Plans. Some of Steve’s drum takes appeared on that album, the remainder were played by Charlie Drayton, husband of the late Chrissy Amphlett. At this point, Cold Chisel’s Facebook page merely reads “Some exciting news on the horizon”

janebarnesProducer, Kevin Shirley has also been working on both Jimmy Barnes’ 30/30 Anniversary album (released August 29) as well as Jim’s daughter Mahalia’s album (to be released in early 2015). Shirley made his name working on projects for bands like Rush, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.

The 30/30 album sees Jimmy re-recording 15 of his biggest hits as collaborations with some of his favourite artists; Keith Urban, John Farnham, Bernard Fanning, Journey, Little Steven Van Zandt, Shihad, Tina Arena, Baby Animals and Jon Stevens plus more.

Barnes has also just announced a November/December A Day On The Green tour along with The Living End. The tour will feature a Greatest Hits Spinning Wheel, whereby fans will be invited on stage to have a spin and help decide the set list. The Baby Animals, You Am I, Ian Moss, Troy Cassar-Daley, Mahalia Barnes and Nick Barker  – some of whom have recorded duets with Jimmy for the album – will play variously across the shows


And here they all are! Posted to Jean-Paul Fung’s (Engineer) Instagram 14 July 2014

Jimmy Barnes’ brother John Swan, more commonly known as Swanee released his new album ‘One Day At A Time’ last week too. It includes ten tracks co-written with producer Darren Mullan and features  some incredible guitar licks from James Muller. The hero of the album however, is definitely Swanee’s powerful and soulful voice.

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Sydney’s band of the moment Sticky Fingers are ready to launch their sophomore album, Land of Pleasure. To celebrate, Australian Musician features the video from the single ‘Just For You’, a rollicking tune with 90’s rave beats & soaring guitar lines. Sticky Fingers continues to prove impossible to pigeonhole, while maintaining that instantly recognisable and authentically “sticky” sound. Swaggering bass, psychedelic soundscapes, and of course the dreamy vocals of Dylan Frost.

stickyfingers_landofpleasureBorn in a fitting landscape, Land Of Pleasure was recorded in in the tropical paradise of Rocking Horse Studios, 20 mins inland from Byron Bay, NSW. Arriving in the studio only one day after returning home from touring Europe, the band further proved they are the hardest working band in Australia. It was here the lads lived and played in isolation until the album was complete – “We worked obsessively in that studio day and night. You couldn’t have pulled us out of there if you tried”, Paddy Cornwall (Bass, Vocals).

Sticky Fingers highly anticipated sophomore album Land of Pleasure drops August 1st worldwide, and are touring it around Australia, Europe, & the UK later this year.

Sat, 26th JUL
Splendour In The Grass – Byron Bay, NSW

Thurs, 4th SEP – Transit Bar – Canberra, ACT
Fri, 5th SEP – The Gov – Adelaide, SA
Sat, 6th SEP – The Gov – Adelaide, SA
Fri, 12th SEP – The Hi-Fi – Brisbane, QLD
Sat, 13th SEP – Originals Music Festival – Noosa AFL Grounds, QLD
Sun, 14th SEP – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD
Thurs, 18th SEP – Prince Of Wales – Bunbury, WA
Fri, 19th SEP – Settlers Tavern – Margaret River, WA
Sat, 20th SEP – The Bakery – Perth, WA
Fri, 26th SEP – The Metro – Sydney, NSW
Sat, 27th SEP – The Metro – Sydney, NSW
Thurs, 2nd OCT – The Beachcomber – Central Coast, NSW
Fri, 3rd OCT – The Cambridge – Newcastle, NSW
Fri, 4th OCT – TBA – Wollongong, NSW
Fri, 10th OCT – 170 – Melbourne, VIC
Fri, 17th OCT – Hoey Moey – Coffs Harbour, NSW
Sat, 18th OCT – The Great Northern – Byron Bay, NSW

Tickets on sale via venue websites

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