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Posted in Blog, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - April 11, 2019

Playing the piano is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, whether teaching yourself or watching your family discover a passion for music. Roland’s all-new HP700 series supports your ambitions with gorgeous piano sound, sophisticated styling, and helpful features that’ll keep you coming back for more. And with the flexibility and expression to suit any genre or playing standard, you’ll have an instrument that grows with you for years to come.

An HP700 piano can be the centerpiece of a room—or so discreet you hardly know it’s there. For silent practice day or night, connect headphones and enjoy immersive sound that won’t disturb your family or neighbours. For interactive study, wirelessly connect the piano with your smartphone via Bluetooth® and play along with your favourite tunes or sharpen your skills with online tutorials. For performance, adjust the volume-controllable internal speakers to fill the room with music. And when you’re not playing, you can use the HP700 piano as your home entertainment system, streaming music with clear, detailed highs and rich, powerful lows.

The HP704 has a tall, elegant cabinet, a powerful four-speaker audio system and the highly-expressive PHA-50 keyboard. Available in polished ebony, charcoal, dark rosewood, light oak, and white finishes.

Compact, simple and stylish, the HP702 delivers a superior piano experience—for less than you’d think. Available in charcoal, dark rosewood, light oak, and white finishes.

Check out an overview of the series HERE

And also check out Piano Every Day, a free iOS/Android smartphone app that encourages you to play more often. Browse and purchase from Sheet Music Direct’s online library of over 70,000 music scores. Try the One Week Master option to track and display your progress as you learn a new piece, complete with exercises if required. If you love the piano, learn something new and play more often with Piano Every Day.

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Posted in Blog, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - February 15, 2019

Yamaha’s Blake Angelos shows us the new CP73 synthesizer, released at Winter NAMM 2019 long with the CP88 key model. Powered by over 100 years of piano craftsmanship and 45 years of synthesizer innovation, the CP73 and CP88 stage pianos boast authentic acoustic and electric piano sound, realistic piano touch and an intuitive one-to-one user interface.

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Posted in Blog, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - February 11, 2019

Two great new products were released by Kawai at NAMM Show 2019, the AURES K300 hybrid upright piano and the VPC1 Midi Controller.

Warrick Baker from Kawai Australia shows us the new Kawai AURES K300 hybrid upright piano at NAMM Show 2019



Answering the prayers of virtual piano musicians everywhere, the VPC1 packages Kawai’s superb RM3 Grand II wooden-key keyboard action into a professional MIDI controller.

As acoustic piano makers, we understand the importance of first-class touch, so kept things as uncomplicated as possible – a superb action, some USB and MIDI connectors, and a beautifully designed, well-built cabinet.

There are no knobs to snap-off or faders getting in the way of your mouse – just a power switch, 88 real wooden keys, and an incredible concert grand playing experience.

The keyboard action is the most important part of a controller. It doesn’t matter how many gigabytes have been sampled, or how advanced the modelled resonances are – if the controller’s action is sub-par, the virtual piano just won’t feel satisfying to play.

Fortunately, the VPC1 is equipped with Kawai’s latest RM3 Grand II action, featuring our trademark wooden keys and smooth, consistent movement. Unlike other controllers, the VPC1 incorporates additional grand piano keyboard characteristics, such as graded hammer weighting, ivory-like key surfaces, let-off simulation, and bass note counterweights.

These premium features combine to recreate the exceptional touch of a fine concert grand, allowing your favourite virtual pianos to finally feel as good as they sound.

The VPC1’s RM3 Grand II action adopts many of the characteristics of a grand piano keyboard action. Perhaps the most distinctive of these characteristics is the familiar ‘seesaw’ movement of the key.

Connecting the VPC1 to your PC or Mac requires just a single USB cable – that’s all. The VPC1 can draw power from the computer’s USB bus, reducing cable clutter by doing away with the need for an external AC adaptor.
While the VPC1 has been developed primarily for controlling software pianos, standard MIDI jacks are also provided for connecting to hardware sound sources.
Perhaps there’s an old synth or expander module that you just can’t part with, or a semi-weighted board that sounds fantastic, but is let down by a flimsy action – the VPC1 can breathe new life into your existing setup.
It’s even possible to control separate sound sources simultane-ously, adjusting IN/OUT routing for USB and standard MIDI with the VPC Editor software.


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Posted in Blog, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - January 23, 2019

When inspiration strikes, take a seat at the latest model in Roland’s renowned FP piano series; the entry-level FP-10. This affordable digital piano is always ready to play, with a reassuringly authentic feel from the 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard, joined by Roland’s evocative SuperNATURAL piano tones through onboard speakers or headphones. With its portable, space-saving design, the FP-10 is the ideal instrument for home use, whether you’re practicing techniques in the spare room or giving performances in the living room. Plus, with Bluetooth® connectivity and powerful onboard features not offered by any other digital model at this price, the FP-10 is the ideal second piano for more experienced players.

*The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased

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Posted in Blog, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - October 9, 2018

Meet One, Moog’s first polyphonic analog synthesizer in over 35 years and most innovative instrument to date.

Available in 16, and 8 voice models

Moog One is a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog dream-synth with nearly unlimited sonic potential. Bringing the ultimate Moog synthesizer to life has been Moog’s most ambitious project to date — an electronic odyssey encompassing years of research and decades of exploration, culminating in the birth of a new flagship synthesizer: Moog One.

Moog One: A Meditation On Listening

With a topology based in new patent-pending Moog technology, Moog One builds on decades of technological tradition while pushing the limits of what is technically possible. Available in 8-voice or 16-voice configurations, each individual Moog One voice circuit contains an analog signal path more powerful than a Minimoog Voyager, harnessing the power of 3 newly-designed dual-output analog VCOs with ring mod and FM, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelope generators. Each of Moog One’s three analog timbres is an independently addressable poly synth, each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library–including a suite of professional reverbs from Eventide®.

Every Moog One preset is a self-contained creative environment, recalling a unique configuration of parameter settings, sequencer programs, arpeggiator patterns, key splits, modulation routings, effects combinations, voice allocations, and timbral assignments. 64 presets can be loaded into the front panel “Performance Set” module for instant selection, while thousands of presets can be stored to the instrument’s internal browser, complete with searchable categories, tags, and notations. This order of complexity has never been this accessible.

Listen To The Moog One Sounds Examples

Call Innovative Music Australia For More Info (03) 9540 0658

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Posted in Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - September 14, 2018

Get your 80s guitar-synth vibe on, The Keytar is back! The Roland AX-Edge Keytar is a performance synthesizer designed to be played in a standing position with a shoulder strap. Building on decades of refinement and input from artists around the world, the AX-Edge features 49 full-sized keys, 256 notes…

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Posted in Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - April 6, 2018

One of the most keenly anticipated new instruments of 2018, Moog Music’s Drummer From Another Mother, is here at last. DFAM is the newest addition to the Mother ecosystem of synthesizers and presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. It requires no patching, and absolutely no experience is needed…

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Posted in Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - February 3, 2018

Roland Australia’s Mark Watson demonstrates the new Roland VR730 at NAMM 2018.

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Posted in Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - February 3, 2018

Roland Australia’s Mark Watson demonstrates the new Roland flagship master keyboard and stage piano, the RD2000 at NAMM 2018.

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Posted in Christmas Ideas, Gear, Keyboards (digital & acoustic)    //    Post Date - November 28, 2017

SA76 The SA76 is a great fun way for your children to get involved in music for the first time. With mini keys for small hands and lots of fun sounds and rhythms to play with, your children will love the SA76! TOP FEATURES • 44 mini keys • 8…

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