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Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips chats with legendary instrument maker Ned Steinberger at Winter NAMM 2019. Founded in 1990 by famed instrument designer Ned Steinberger, the genius behind the legendary Steinberger headless guitar design and the TransTrem™ System, NS Design has seen the visionary luthier and designer apply his revolutionary techniques to…

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Dan Skatvold from Eastman Guitars show us the new El Rey mandolin, T484 electric, SP Series, E2D acoustic and Double Top series guitars at NAMM Show 2019

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Fender   Musical  Instruments   Corporation   (FMIC)  today announced  the  release  of  two  ukuleles  inspired  by  singer-songwriter  Grace  VanderWaal.  The  2017 Billboard Rising Star award recipient popularised ukulele when she won Season 11 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent in 2016 at age 12. The Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele and Moonlight Ukulele were created with the classic clean, legendary Fender tone to inspire and capture hearts of the next generation of musicians. The release of these two artist signature models comes at an exciting time for VanderWaal who has just come off a summer tour with pop-rock band Imagine Dragons and is slated to make her 2019 film debut as the lead in Disney’s book-to-film adaptation of Stargirl.
“What I think is cool about Fender, and what originally drew me to them, was the Fender electric guitar headstock, which I’ve never seen on another ukulele,” said VanderWaal. “I feel like a rockstar when I’m tuning it. I wanted these ukuleles to be pretty, but also have a great sound. Fender perfectly accomplished that and made my dream ukuleles come true. I’m seeing my passions come full circle. I think everyone has music inside them and my hope is that I can help them find it.”

The performance-inspired Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele incorporates everything that Grace loves about playing live for her fans. From the stage-ready, Fishman® Kula preamp pickups, dark walnut exterior and custom deluxe gig bag, the instrument itself reflects Grace’s boho-chic style and mission to inspire the  next  generation  of players.  The  concert  body  is constructed  from  sapele  wood  which  gives  the signature ukulele a balanced, earthy tone that serves as the perfect support for her uniquely soulful voice. VanderWaal personally selected each detail to make the ukuleles sound rich and embody her personal style, which is reflected in the custom gold hardware and rosette. In addition, her signature adorns the Telecaster headstock, as well as the custom soundhole label–the first of its kind on a Fender instrument. VanderWaal also worked with Fender to create the Grace VanderWaal Moonlight Ukulele – a navy blue- colored  version  of  the  California  Coast  Series  Venice  Soprano  uke  –  perfect  to  play  by  the  beach  or  at home with friends and family. It features all the same personal touches on the Signature model, but at a more accessible, entry level price point for those just beginning their musical journey.

“Designing the Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele with Grace was effortless. She knew she wanted personal touches, such as the gold hardware and her signature on the headstock, but was most passionate about the electronics so she could be stage-ready at all times,” adds Billy Martinez, VP Category Manager of Acoustics and Squier Divisions. “Having Grace join the Artist Signature Series brings that same on-stage energy to Fender Ukuleles and underscores that no matter how wild your dreams, anything is possible.”

To assist players that want to follow in VanderWaal’s footsteps, Fender has included a 30-day free trial of Fender Play – the perfect companion and complete learning app for ukulele, guitar and bass–with the purchase of either signature ukulele. Six of VanderWaal’s hit songs including, “I Don’t Know My Name,” “Just a Crush,” “Clay,” “Gossip Girl,” “Light the Sky,” and “So Much More Than This,” are offered in the app’s ukulele lessons, so fans can sing and play along with VanderWaal in minutes.

The  Grace  VanderWaal   and  Fender  partnership   also  supports  Grace’s  efforts  to  bring  music  to under-served schools. Her foundation “Little Miracles” strives to give the gift of music to local schools and communities in the USA where music programs have been reduced or cut altogether. Fender has donated several ukuleles to this cause and will continue supporting Grace in her work with the foundation. To learn more visit

Fender’s popular artist signature models are geared toward product progression and storytelling, creating instruments   designed  to  the  unique  specifications   of  the  world’s  most  iconic  artists.  The  Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele and Grace VanderWaal Moonlight Ukulele give fans and players at all experience levels a chance to embark or continue on their musical journey.


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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) and Fender Digital announced the expansion of Fender Play to include ukulele lessons – helping brand-new players and beginners master chords and riffs in minutes. On the heels of the Fender Play app’s successful release for guitar in 2017, this lesson content is designed specifically…

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At the 2018 NAMM Show, Ryan from Cordoba show us the 21 Series ukuleles. Ryan also presents the ‘Coco’ guitar, designed in conjunction with Disney/Pixar to promote the movie Coco Cordoba distributed in Australia by

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Greg Cooper from Australian wholesaler Jacaranda Music showed us around his brands at NAMM Show 2018. We hear from Kala ukuleles’ Mike Upton, look at the Ohana range of ukes and watch the LogJam Stomper in action, all distributed in Australia by

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“When it comes to building a guitar, there is a big difference between assembly and artistry. If history has taught us anything, it is that there is no substitute for skilled craftsmanship. At Eastman, each instrument is given the attention to detail required to ensure that it reaches its maximum…

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‪‬ Richard Bunze from Godin shows us the Seagull S8 Mandolin. Godin and Seagull distributed in Australia by

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We catch up with Mossy and Peter Walker from FOMOfx at NAMM 2016

Cold Chisel legend Ian Moss has got together with Sydney based tech company FOMOfx at NAMM to promote Virtual Jeff.
What is Virtual Jeff? It is the next- generation successor to the traditional whammy – it eliminates all mechanical hassles. As a result, you can use it on electrics and acoustics… without affecting the guitar or tuning.

It’s much more though: the pitch data from the whammy is massaged by the Virtual Jeff processor. You can select exactly what pitch you reach at the end of a bend, up or down. Now, bends are predictable and can be used musically – as part of a unique lick or riff. Don’t try that with a mechanical whammy unless you’ve got 20 years to practice first. Virtual Jeff has pitch-perfect bends every time.

It’s also versatile: there’s two modes, selectable with a footswitch. Each mode is customized by the player to bend to different pitches. For example: Mode A can be set like a Bigsby™ – 2 semitones down, one semitone up; Mode B, like a Floyd Rose™ on steroids – two octaves down, one octave up.

Hit the footswitch at any time to instantly swap modes. The technologies in Virtual Jeff are unique and affordable – and they don’t affect your tone. All mechanics and sensing are durable and high resolution by design. They’ll work all night in a club, stadium, studio or bedroom.
No fuss. Just fun.

News: Since filming the demo yesterday, we just got news that FOMOfx has won the Best in Show Award in the accessories category. A very prestigious win. Congratulations.

Here’s an edit of an amateur video shot by from the side screen of Sam Ash giving the Virtual Jeff the nod

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Deering’s Goodtime Banjo Ukuleles are available in concert scale and tenor scale. Barry from Deering Banjo Co demonstrates the tenor model here for Dylan Stewart, a representative of Australian distributor Zenith music.

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