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Posted in Accessories, Gear    //    Post Date - September 10, 2018

GHS Strings is proud to announce an exciting new addition to their line of string cleaning products, the Fingerboard Care Kit. Guitar maintenance is just as critical to an instrument’s sound and playability as a new set of strings. Clean, smooth frets allow for optimal contact of the strings to…

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Posted in Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - August 29, 2018

If you’re craving that 60s choral, jangly guitar tone defined by the Beatles and the Byrds, the Starfire IV ST 12-String both sounds and looks the part. Based on our popular Starfire IV ST, this thinbody semi-hollow electric has the added power of 6 more strings! Premium features include an…

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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - July 6, 2018

Introducing the all-new 2018 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special Bass. First introduced in 1976, the StingRay bass has become one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. Available now in North America and September worldwide. For the first time in over 30 years, the Ernie Ball Music Man…

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Posted in Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - July 1, 2018

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today officially announced the 2018 Fender Custom Shop Mid-Year Collection and Jimmie Vaughan Signature Stratocaster debuting at Summer NAMM in Nashville, Tenn. The collection features four highly-collectible, limited-edition models with various finish options and features – all showcasing the innovative spirit of the legendary Fender…

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Posted in Blog, Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - June 29, 2018

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today officially announced the expansion of its artist signature electric guitar and bass offerings at Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville, Tenn. Catering to seasoned players across genres, new additions include: the Flea Jazz Bass® Active, Albert Hammond Jr. Stratocaster®, Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster, and Johnny Marr Jaguar® in Lake Placid Blue. These artist-inspired models come off the heels of this month’s introduction of the Player Series, an all-new, accessibly priced line of electric guitars and basses for aspiring players who represent the future of guitar.

Launching in Summer and Fall 2018 is an expansion of Fender’s artist signature line with two new models—Flea Jazz Bass Active (which we previewed at the Fender Sydney dealer event last week), Albert Hammond Jr. Stratocaster. In addition to these two new models, the Johnny Marr Jaguar, originally released in 2012, is being released in a new color—Lake Placid Blue.

“The artist signature electric guitar and bass models we’re unveiling at Summer NAMM are both dynamic and eclectic in style and musical taste—spotlighting top players, from Albert Hammond Jr. and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Johnny Marr,” said Justin Norvell, SVP Fender Products. “Our second artist signature active bass with Flea was designed to complement the Shell Pink Flea Jazz Bass—a reproduction of his beloved recording bass we recreated with him in 2016. This new active model is a complete 180 from the super vintage-style of the other; it’s hyper-modern and ready for the stage. Albert Hammond Jr. helped bring the Stratocaster back to the fore in the early 2000s. He has a keen melodic sense and rhythmic playing style that we wanted to honor—as a member of a huge, stadium-level band in the past 20 years—The Strokes—and as a solo artist, who puts out great records.”

“We’re also adding new a new colour to one of our most successful artist signature models, the Johnny Marr Jaguar. “Johnny’s a fan and collector of guitars in ‘60s era vintage colors and we’re always making him one-offs of his signature model in those unique colorways—like Lake Placid Blue; and when he plays them live, the phone starts to ring with fans asking for them.”

These highly collectible Artist Signature models include:
Flea Jazz Bass Active – $2,999 (Launching October 2018) sports a satin finish with matching headstock. The custom-shaped Jazz Bass body and a hot Fender humbucking pickup with an Aguilar OBP-1 18-volt preamp allows this bass to crank out massive output, perfect for pounding a stadium with the power of funk. The brainchild of Flea and Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Jason Smith, also a Flea/Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and bass player himself—this is the bass Flea plays live in concert.

Albert Hammond Jr. Stratocaster—$1,499 (Launching October 2018) is a 1985 reissue of a ‘72 Strat® with a unique touch. It features replicated Hammond Jr. customized pickups switching: pickup switch position four activates the neck and bridge pickups in tandem, while positions one and three are reversed from the traditional layout. Hammond Jr.’s signature graces the back of the large ‘70s-style headstock, while other ‘70s-inspired features include bullet truss rod nut, 3-bolt “F”-stamped neck plate with period-correct Micro-Tilt™ adjustment and a ‘70s-era logo.

Johnny Marr Jaguar—$3,849 (Launching Summer 2018) is based on Marr’s modified 1965 Jaguar. Originally launched in 2012, the Johnny Marr Jaguar—one of Fender’s more successful signature models—is getting a limited run in a new ‘60s vintage-era color: Lake Placid Blue, which coincides with the release of his new album, Call The Comet. Dual custom-wound Bare Knuckle® Johnny Marr single-coil pickups crank out incisive tone that’s just the thing for slashing through a sonically dense mix. Also featured are a four-position blade pickup, thicker tone and higher output, dual upper-horn slide switches, and a 7.25”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 vintage-style frets.

Also new to Fender’s electrics lineup in Summer 2018 is the Player Series. Respecting Fender’s heritage while maintaining an innovative spirit, the Player Series blends authentic Fender tone, sound and style with a modern edge that’s versatile enough to handle any style of music. The Player Series is the long-awaited successor to the Fender Standard Series and sets a new benchmark for quality and performance, with upgraded and cool updated features, including: new pickups for legendary vintage tones heard on some of the world’s most influential records; updated body radii for improved comfort and feel; 22-fret necks for extended range; upgraded bridges for improved performance and easier setup; as well as new colors, the classic logo and “F”-stamped neck plate for a more authentic Fender look. These guitars are the best the brand has built in the $1,149—$1,349 price range, with the often imitated, but never duplicated iconic Fender sound, feel, and classic look that’s helped shape popular music for more than 70 years. With 94 SKUs across 21 models and hero colours including Sage Green, Polar White, Tide Pool, Butter Cream, and Sonic Red, artists and players can express themselves in limitless ways.

Fender’s new electric guitar and bass offerings will be available at local dealers and on

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Posted in Blog, Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - June 29, 2018

Gretsch® honoUrs the late Malcolm Young, whose rock-solid rhythm guitar swagger and songwriting provided the unshakeable foundation for monumental rock titans AC/DC, with the G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet™.

The G6131-MY pays homage to Young’s famously battle-hardened Gretsch Jet. Nicknamed “The Beast,” Malcolm certainly made the instrument his own, not least by removing two of the three pickups, stripping away the finish, and pounding out some of the hardest and most memorable rhythms the world has heard.
“I mean, as soon as you hear that first… chord, you know it’s him,” said his brother Angus Young. “To do this… you have to be a master of rhythm, and that’s exactly what Mal [was].”

This model features the essential hallmarks of one of rock’s most iconic instruments including “DIY” pickup routes with simulated screw holes, chrome switch plugs, Space-Control™ bridge with ebony base and ‘60s-style tailpiece. Open-cavity thunder roars from the thin-skin satin finished chambered mahogany body and is magnified by a high-output TV Jones® Power’Tron™ pickup.

“AC/DC had a sound of their own and this guitar was the foundation of the sweet and nasty tone we all know them for,” said Social Distortion’s Mike Ness.
Malcolm Young’s fiery rock ‘n’ roll spirit lives on through AC/DC’s enduringly timeless music, and it is Gretsch’s great privilege to pay fitting tribute to him with a finely crafted instrument bearing his name.

The G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet will be available November 2018.
For more information about Gretsch, visit

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Posted in Blog, Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - June 23, 2018

During the week, Fender Musical Instrument company gathered dealers into Sydney for a look at their new releases for second half of the year and also presented a Custom Shop event. Among those on hand from Fender headquarters to greet the dealers and outline the proceedings for the next six months were Justin Norvell, Snr Vice President Product and Mike Lewis, VP Product Development – Fender Custom Shop.

The most significant release of the week was the presentation of the new Player Series, a tremendous progression on the Standard series of guitars. The Player Series features new Alnico pickups, replacing the ceramics, improved body radii, upgraded bridges, 22 fret necks, new colours, classic spaghetti logo and ‘F’ stamped neck plate. Check out our interview about the Player Series with Justin Norvell below.

In the Fender Artist series, we were honoured to have a first look at the new Corona-made USA Flea Jazz Bass Active, featuring 2 piece Alder body, Quartsawn maple neck, ‘C’ shape neck, 22 medium frets, Fender Custom humbucking bridge pickup, 12”-16” compound radius, Hi-Mass bridge, and Aguilar OBP-1 18 volt preamp.

Also on its way is the Albert Hammond Jr Stratocaster with alder body, period-accurate glass polyester finish, 3 custom ceramic single-coil Strat pickups, Modern ‘C’ shape neck, bullet truss rod nut, rosewood fingerboard, unique pickup switching, 70s era headstock and logo.

The Johnny Marr Jaguar we already knew about, featuring Lake Placid Blue limited run, maple neck based on Marr’s 1965 Jaguar, vintage style heel truss rod adjustment, custom-wound bare Knuckle Johnny Marr single-coil pickups, 4 position plade switch mounted in lower-horn chrome plate, dual upper-horn switches, jaguar bridge with Mustang saddles and vintage style floating tremolo tailpiece and ‘taller’ trem arm with nylon sleeve insert to prevent arm swing. A couple more Artist models, which we saw but were sworn to secrecy about, are currently at prototype stage and due for release later in the year.

Also on view were the Limited Edition 60th anniversary Triple Jazzmaster and Classic Jazzmaster. Several models in the Classic Series are new too including a ‘50s Strat Lacquer , 60s Strat Lacquer , 50s Tele Lacquer, ‘50s P Bass Lacquer, 60s Jazz Bass Lacquer and classic series ‘60s Jaguar Lacquer.

Amp-wise, new models to the Mustang GT Amp toolbox are Mesa Boogie Mark iiC+, Bassbreaker 15, Studio Tube Pre Amp, Dual Showman and Acoustasonic Simulator. New effects include; Metal Gate, Modulated Small Hall Reverb, Modulated Large hall Reverb, Boutique Drive, Sustain, Modulated Analog Delay and Fender Blender.

In their ukulele line, Fender continue to buck convention with their unique Fender headstock models including two new Signature ukes dedicated to Grace Vanderwaal, their youngest signature artist ever.

The grander, official release on all of this gear occurs at Summer NAMM in Nashville next week.

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Posted in Blog, Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - June 20, 2018

New Electric Guitars, Basses Provide Official Entry Point for Artists, Players Ready To Commit With Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Fender Gear

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today released a new line of electric guitars and basses for aspiring players and artists who represent the future of guitar. Dubbed the “Player Series,” the line will establish a new level of excellence for players ready to take that next step in their musical journey with Fender’s iconic models–whether their dreams lie on a big stage or in a garage band and beyond.

Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips was at the Sydney Fender event today and spoke to Senior Vice President-product, Justin Norvell about the new Player Series

The Player Series replaces the Standard Series and is the new foundational offering and first official step into Fender’s electric guitar product lines. Built for players who dream of taking their art to the next level, these guitars have a signature sound and classic look that only Fender’s iconic models can provide. The ultimate creative partner, Fender Player Series guitars and basses are the respected and legitimate choice, unlocking infinite creative opportunities for players who choose to pair their individual style with Fender’s often imitated, but never duplicated gear; and with every detail considered in the design process, these models are the best builds ever offered in the $1149 – $1349 price range.

“As artists dig deep to find new sounds and means of expression, the guitar continues to be central to so much of this creativity that’s happening in music and culture,” said Justin Norvell, SVP Fender Products. “We hope to empower the next generation of artists and players by arming them with the best tools to help bring their craft to life. The Players Series guitars embody that coveted Fender sound and form that has made our guitars iconic with so many generations of creators.”

Respecting Fender’s heritage while maintaining an innovative spirit, the Player Series blends authentic Fender tone, sound and style with a modern edge that’s versatile enough to handle any style of music. The series sets a new benchmark for quality and performance, with upgraded features, including Alnico pickups for all models, updated body radii, 22 fret necks, upgraded bridges, fresh, bold colours and a revised classic logo for a more traditional look. With 94 SKUs across 21 models and hero colours including Sage Green, Polar White, Tide Pool, Butter Cream, and Sonic Red, artists and players can express themselves in limitless ways.

The new line is already being used across genres including punk, jazz, country, rock and more by top artists, such as: Turnstile, Mattson 2, Whitey Morgan, Cherry Glazerr, Melanie Faye, Jeff Gilteman and Saya Gray – accompanying each on their musical journey toward exceptional artistry.

The Fender Player Series includes the following models:

•Player Stratocaster® Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Stratocaster® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Stratocaster® Left-Handed, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Stratocaster® Left-Handed, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Stratocaster® HSS, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Stratocaster® HSS, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Stratocaster® HSH, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Stratocaster® HSH, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Stratocaster® Plus Top, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Stratocaster® HSS Plus Top, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Stratocaster® Floyd Rose®, Maple Fingerboard $1299

•Player Stratocaster® Floyd Rose®, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1349

•Player Telecaster® Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Telecaster® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Telecaster® Left-Handed, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Telecaster® Left-Handed, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Telecaster® HH, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Telecaster® HH, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jaguar® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jaguar® Bass Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Jaguar® Bass Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jazzmaster® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Precision Bass® Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Precision Bass® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Precision Bass® Left-Handed, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Precision Bass® Left-Handed, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jazz Bass® Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Jazz Bass® Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jazz Bass® Left-Handed, Maple Fingerboard $1149

•Player Jazz Bass® Left-Handed, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jazz Bass® Fretless, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1199

•Player Jazz Bass® V, Pau Ferro Fingerboard $1349

Fender Australia website

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Posted in Gear, Pedals    //    Post Date - May 16, 2018

XPRESSION FX BLACK MAGIC MOTION AUDIO FX CONTROLLER Distributed by Oz Inventions Overview by Reza Nasseri Hi everyone, after a long absence from writing and reviewing I’m excited to have a look at a unique Australian invention, the Xpression FX Black Magic Motion by Oz Inventions. Who are they you…

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Posted in Electric Guitars, Gear    //    Post Date - May 12, 2018

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) has announced the 60th anniversary celebration of Fender’s most creative and expressive model: the Jazzmaster. A hero of the underground, the Jazzmaster has been adopted by generations of artists looking for unique sonic qualities and combinations, unlocking genre defying sound that lives on today within…

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